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How to Get Your Customers’ Attention with Creative Packaging Designs

Do you want to bring more attention to your product with packaging? Do you want to set your company product apart from the competition? Brand packaging is important in business.

It’s an investment and an opportunity to make your product memorable to the target market. Memorable packaging design can become an iconic or classic design for a brand. In the United States, 72% of consumers say that packaging design influences their buying decision and that’s why many businesses turn to the professionals such as for their invaluable help. 

Take the iconic heart-shaped chocolate boxes, for example. Another example is the bear-shaped bottle for honey products.

Creative packaging and how you profit from it is what we’re going to discuss below.

1- Using Simplicity is a Classic Move

Creative packaging isn’t all about having the loudest, most colorful design in the market. Your competition may already be doing that. Instead, you want to keep the packaging simple and clear yet creative.

A smart approach is minimalistic and simple aesthetics. Your competition might be bombarding consumers with visual information. Offer your customers a sweet sensory break with more subtle design elements.

Another way to do this is to take a good look at your product. What’s it for and what’s the brand behind it? If it’s a bathroom cleaner, you don’t want the packaging design to be for a tasty-looking juice.

2- Hold the Attention of Your Customer

The next most important tip here is to keep your customer’s attention on your brand. You can have a design as simple as Campbell’s red and white soup can design. Yet, how will you keep the consumer’s short attention span on your product?

This is where your creativity comes in. This is where small details take the cake. We mean the details that aren’t obvious at first glance but have meaning upon closer inspection.

Another way to do it is to create a simple yet engaging design. Fun designs like Toblerone’s triangular chocolate boxes can create fun pyramids.

What kind of packaging design will make you take an item off the shelf for closer inspection?

3- Learn How to Design Packaging Typography

On the shelf, how attention-grabbing will your packaging be? If it’s going to be very colorful and loud, is the text on it legible? You can use graphic design packaging but make sure you keep the name visible too.

Other than making creative packaging graphic design, you want to focus on typography. Your target market wants readable and large enough text on the products they buy. They also want the text to be readable over the background color of the packaging.

If your product is of the general use of the general population, use clear and large typography. Make it legible for people of all ages and conditions. If you can’t read the labels on your product at a glance from a distance, change it.

4- Keep it Green

With the environmental issues we’re having today, your consumers want to have a hand in it. They want to help in the most direct way they can, which is to support sustainable companies. Research shows 37% of respondents considered a product’s environmental impact before buying it.

Make a green packaging for your products and get the edge over your competition. Some of your competition knows that consumers want green products. Thus, they’re creating packaging designs that follow what the consumers want.

Sustainability claims on packaging reflect how a company operates inside and out. Find ways to support the green movement. You won’t only profit from it but you’re also going to help improve the earth’s condition.

5- Think Outside the Box

A liquid product doesn’t have to be in a typical bottle all the time. Try to design alternative shapes or effects on your packaging. Technology allows for 3D designs in packaging now so take advantage of it.

One of the best places to see creative packaging is the perfume industry. You can see a ton of designs, from rose-shaped bottle covers to diamond-shaped bottles. The bottled water market is another place chock full of creative bottle designs.

Be playful, be bold, or break the mold. Sleek, modern designs are great for premium products. However, you want practicality and uniqueness to shine through above that.

6- Consider Production and Manufacturing Limits

Your creative packaging design might be great. However, it may not be good enough for the manufacturer. Before you decide on a design, know the constraints in production and manufacturing.

Some packaging designs are possible yet costly. Communicate with the manufacturing department about your designs. Agree on a design that meets on both ends.

Understand that your packaging design will undergo redesigning. Before you draft a new design, it should go through testing first. Check out a post on how you can learn more about packaging design testing.

7- Consider Value and Practicality

How do you avoid making designs that prove to be difficult to use later? Be creative but don’t make designs that aren’t practical. Better yet, use your creativity to create practical yet unusual packaging.

One of the most overlooked aspects of packaging design is practicality. Don’t be afraid to revolutionize traditional designs. Innovations on tried-and-true designs often make lost opportunities.

When you create a design, consider how your customer can gain from it. Is the traditional design the most practical one? Or, is it possible to further improve the practicality of the traditional packaging design?

Take, for example, the upside-down ketchup bottles which earned Heinz a big rise in sales. It saves consumers the trouble of having to hit the bottom of the traditional bottle to get ketchup. All they had to do with the new design was squeeze and ketchup would come out.

Stand Out from the Competition with Creative Packaging

In conclusion, get your customers’ attention and make sure to hold it. Design legible, interesting, and green product packaging. Create memorable products and measure your success with packaging design testing.

That’s it for our guide on how you can make creative packaging for your product.

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