how to grow a small business startup faster

How to Grow a Small Business Startup Faster  

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If you are here, you must be a startup owner who wants to grow his small business faster. Well, growing a small business is tough, especially if you are looking for fast track growth on a tight budget, but certainly it is possible!

How to Grow a Small Business Startup Faster  

Most of the people I talked to wanted to grow their small business faster and the most common queries I went through were:

  • How to grow a small business with no money?
  • How to grow a small business into a large business?
  • How to grow a small business with social media?
  • How to make a small business grow successfully?
  • What do small business owners need for faster growth?
  • How to expand your business in less time on low budget?
  • How to make a small business startup successful in less time?

Well, there were some more queries which may be overlapping the above. Fortunately the answer to all the above queries is same.

Sometimes we make business far harder than it actually is by over-thinking on the strategy, complicating the processes and above all by worrying too much. These are important issues, but not important than those which contribute most to the success.

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how to grow a small business startup faster

This article will discuss the areas of business which contribute most to the success and the ultimate result of which is a steady growth.

 1- Focusing on Sales:

Remember that sales are areas which generate you the revenue. In order to grow your small business, the core focus should be on sales process and improve it on an ongoing basis.

How much time should I spend on sales?

Well if it’s a startup at least 80 % of your day should account for working on sales.

If the business is out there for a year or two and is running in profit, i.e. an established business, at least 30% of your day should be spent improving the sales process and or connecting with customers.

Find a lot of guides on improving your sales:

2- Work on Conversion Optimization:
Take time to improve conversions; the more you work on conversion optimization strategy, the better sales results you will observe. The conversion optimization is a process that half falls in the sales and rest in the marketing, but since it starts from marketing, so we discuss it separately.

Follow the guides below to make sure that you are working rightly on the conversion optimization process.

3- Generate More Leads:

Sales process can never be improved if you do not have the right marketing strategy and action plan. So get your marketing action plan ready which focuses on generating more leads and increasing conversions.

Follow  +100 +100 lead generation ideas and do look into the details of using social media for lead generation:

4- Work on Becoming a Brand:

If you are not a brand then consider selling the cheapest to grow. But remember someone who is selling cheaper than you will get whole of your market in an instant. Since, small businesses can not sell the cheaper always, becoming a brand is a must.

Start with leveraging the power of free and use these 25 free marketing options every startup must use.

Once you have exploited the free, make sure to invest rightly in powerful branding. Learn how to build a brand using customers’ voice.

5- Hiring the Right People:

You have all the good plans made and you know your strategy, but without a great team it’s not going to happen. While you are working on other stuff, build a great startup team in parallel. Check out few helpful readings.

Care about these five important areas of startup growth and you will certainly be able to get your small business a fast track growth. In the meantime, do read these 12 steps to succeed in a startup and 7 essentials of small business growth.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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