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How to Handle a Workplace Computer Trojan

In 2021, overall cyberattacks on organizations grew 50% compared to 2020, with an average of 1,605 attacks per organization every week. As we rely more and more on digital technology, this number is only going to grow more.

If your workplace practices good commercial cybersecurity, then that shouldn’t be too much of a worry. But there might come a time when one sneaky piece of malware gets in. What do you do then?

Here’s a brief guide on what to do if you get a computer Trojan at your workplace.

What a Trojan Virus Does

To know what to do when you get a Trojan, you need to first understand what it is.

A Trojan virus is a type of malware that sneaks into your network; it’s named after the Trojan Horse that was snuck into Troy. Because of how sneaky this malware can be, it might take a while for you to notice it, if at all. While they’re hiding out in the background, Trojan viruses can perform instructions from the hacker, download more malware, and even disable your antivirus program.

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What to Do if You Find a Trojan Virus

If you suspect you’ve got a Trojan virus or have confirmed you do, then you’ll need to perform the following actions on all your workplace devices.

Many Trojan viruses are removed by antivirus programs upon detection. You won’t need to do anything else if this is the case.

However, if you need to manually find the Trojan virus, you’ll need to first disable all startup items that you don’t trust 100%. It’s best if you start up your computer in safe mode before doing so. Make sure you research anything you’re unsure about, as you can disable your device if you remove some key programs.

From there, you can slowly reenable programs and eliminate them from the malware list. This should show you which files are malicious and you can then delete them accordingly.

How to Prevent Future Trojan Viruses

Having robust and active firewalls and antivirus programs will protect you from the majority of computer virus attacks. However, you can get additional security to prevent future successful attacks.

Hiring managed IT services can take the burden of cybersecurity off your in-house staff’s shoulders. This third party can then keep a vigilant eye on your company’s network.

You should also hire a chief security officer (CSO) who can educate your workforce on how to spot malware. If your employees are educated on this subject, it can help immensely in blocking hackers.

Protect Your Company Against Computer Trojan Attacks

A computer Trojan attack can be devastating, so it’s important that you take the proper precautions. With the help of a firewall, antivirus programs managed IT services, and workplace education on computer viruses, you can up your digital security and ensure your business doesn’t fall victim to costly attacks.

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