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How to Hire the Best Talent for Your Small Scale Business

If you’re a manager or a startup founder hiring a new team member for your business, there are likely a few key things in mind that you’re looking to find within them.

Of course, you’re looking for a new efficient team member that adds to the atmosphere, though there should be a little more that goes into it. This new talent should add value to your business, enable continued growth in new ways and of course, inspire the employees they work with.

Many business owners with the above considerations or expectations in mind often give up on their search for top tier talent — as the process is rather tedious if you’re not prepared.

However, we’ll take a look below at how to hire the best talent, and what makes up a great new team member for your business.

Hire The Most Likeable Candidate

To kick things off, it isn’t a bad idea to hire the applicants you like the most — so long as this likability comes from skill set and performance.

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If you’ve found that through an interview a potential employee is a mood lifter, has a good skill set to offer and is motivated to jump into the role: then there’s a good chance they’re the right fit.

Not every search for the best talent has to be long, tedious and difficult, in many cases the right person can walk right into your office.

Reach Out for Referrals

Another avenue to consider is asking other employers for their opinions or for some direction to find the best talent. If they’re a trusted friend, or a business partner, their judgment should certainly be considered.

To kickstart these types of outreach tasks, take a look on LinkedIn for a talent that stands out to you and reach out to their connections, fellow team members or someone in their direct network.

It’s good to start off with a message asking if one of their connections could reach out to them on your behalf and going from there.

Pursue ‘Fans’ of the Business

As a modern day brand, you’ll likely have an array of social media channels you’re making use of – these could work as an asset.

Take a look through your followers or comments and browse bios. You may find there are a tonne of well-educated and eager people active on these platforms that would be very eager to work for your brand.

Keep in mind that in some cases enthusiasm and brand loyalty can trump skill set in that these potential employees are eager to learn from your brand and skill-build with you.

Lastly, as with typical employees, it’s wise to have an employment lawyer on hand for assistance with processing and vetting new arrivals at your business. You’ll want to be sure you’re prepared should an issue arise.

Be Authentic in Your Advertising

A big tip is to ensure you’re being as genuine in your job advertisements as possible, as these are what potential employees are going to use to gauge your workplace. If there’s too much up-selling in these ads, applications will be let down, less motivated and be less trusting of your business if they’re employed.

To add, it’s also good to make certain that your ads are designed in a way that stands out from the crowd, which will ensure you’re not overlooked.

A bland, colourless and lacklustre ad post isn’t going to grab attention, so be sure to have a graphic design team or marketing specialist on hand if you’re serious about nabbing the best talent.

Curate a Welcoming Workplace

For those business owners, managers or HR teams looking to get a hold of a new suite of talent, it’s also worthwhile considering workplace changes.

If you’re aware that your business is a little lacking in style, enthusiasm or any other applicant-grabbing perks then have these added. A lot of businesses are having aesthetic coffee nooks installed to add a dash of style to the office, and catch the attention of talent.

Other considerations could be marketable workplace game nights, out-of-work activities, work-from-home days and more. With these unique events or ‘perks’ added to your company, they can work with you in finding the best talent.

Step in the shoes of an applicant; would you be drawn to a workplace with a bar or indoor forest, for example?

Adjust and Adapt Roles

A final key consideration in hiring the best talent is shuffling your workplace roles. If a role is too far-reaching or requires a slew of skills that aren’t harmonious, then rework it.

For a loose example, a personal assistant shouldn’t also be required to hold high-level design skills for the rare instance a complex architectural task crops up.

It’s a good idea to design roles in the business that are as simplistic and straightforward as possible, at least with regards to required skills. With these changes, you’ll be able to curate positions that are attractive and fundamentally created to attract the best talent.

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