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How to Increase Engagement on a Twitter Business Profile

If you have an optimized Twitter profile for your business and you know the basics of what should be tweeted, i.e. what a business or an entrepreneur should tweet, you are just a few tips away from getting your followers engaged dynamically.
Before we start looking into the ideas to increase Twitter engagement for a small business, let me clear that having a large number of Twitter followers can never ensure active engagement. So, if you’re already working on increasing Twitter followers blindly, hold on and rethink your marketing strategy for Twitter once again. Only active Twitter followers are going to be beneficial to your business, so the strategy should focus on increasing active Twitter followers only.

Now, let’s consider a few tips with which you can keep Twitter followers engaged on any business’ Twitter profile;

1- Get the followers involved; you can ask simple questions related to business or industry by mentioning some influencing followers. Keeping up an eye on recent industry trends, news and happenings can give more options for asking questions.

2- Appreciate; hitting the favorite button on a good tweet of a follower doesn’t hurt, but does make him a loyal follower. So, do not hesitate to retweet or like valuable tweets of your followers. It will increase their trust in you and they will love to keep up with your tweets and ultimately you will have an influencing stream of tweets.

3- Be responsive; do not represent yourself as a robot by only tweeting all the time, rather take a time to answer what people are asking around. Reply to other tweets, reply to the tweets where you were mentioned and so on.

4- Do not overreact; retweeting every other tweet that mentions you shows that you are dying to seek attention, so slow down and know when not to react! It is vital for any Twitter marketer to know what a business should tweet and what type of Twitter activity should be avoided.

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5- Keep lists; when someone regularly retweets or replies, add them to a list to return favor sometime. People love to be part of lists and they keep up with accounts that have them on their lists.

6- Be nice; You must find and follow the industry influencers on Twitter and when an influencer retweets you, thank them.

7- Run contests;  everyone want to win, but your contest should be authentic and must announce the winner. Do not forget to check these secrets of running successful social media contests.

8- Time Management; do not delay in replying when someone is asking something.

9- Use it for announcements; new product launch, special discounts, promotions and so on let your business profile on Twitter ever active.

10- Keep a calendar; it will make you identify the activities and keep their schedule on a track. In fact, your Twitter posting calendar is the action plan of your engagement strategy. A good marketing plan is the one that simplifies Twitter marketing with a clear and measurable action plan.

Depending on the business model you may bring a lot of innovative ideas workable on your Twitter profile, however, the above guidelines will work in all industries and in all seasons!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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