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How to Keep Your Twitter Stream Influencing

Influencing your target market on Twitter will not only keep them engaged to you but you can turn them into loyal customers as well (in case of business). Your Twitter stream is a collection of your tweets in a chronological order and out of this collection the tweets appear on the home page of your followers.

It is very important for you to understand why you must optimize your Twitter stream, so let’s shed some light on it first. Twitter streams are displayed in a chronology, which means followers will see your latest tweet first and older later. You must also know that your followers are following many other people/brands/businesses etc and so, your Tweet has to face some competition on the way to get noticed.

Now, let’s see how to optimize your Twitter stream, so all your tweets get noticed properly;

 1- Get to know when most of your followers are active, and post a tweet in that particular time slot. This will not just keep your followers engaged, but will also help you increase Twitter followers organically, as a result of their response to your tweet which will be seen by their network.

2- If you are targeting multiple regions, it’s always better to create multiple versions (localize it) of the same tweet and post according to the local time of each region. This is probably the best way to engage the local audience on Twitter.

3- Of course when you have to post multiple tweets in multiple timings, scheduling them using some tool like Hootsuite, Grabinbox etc is a better idea.

4- Posting an image in every third or fourth tweet gives your stream a better visibility, however, too many images will make it too stuffy.

5- Track tweets using the tools mentioned above and see which ones get more replies, retweets, favorites, and clicks. Do the same for upcoming tweets what you did for this one.

6- Researches show B2B Twitter engagement is only during weekdays, so make sure to limit your activity accordingly, so you can have better ROI over your efforts.

7- If you are a B2C business, ignore point number 6 and do your own research.

8- Have a twitter action plan for a month at least, so you should not be short of ideas for tweets any single day. And do remember, what a business should not to do on Twitter.

Depending on your industry, you may find more techniques, i.e. what type of content gets viral, how to convert your followers in customers and so on. That is the reason you must keep an eye on industry trends and you can make much better use of your twitter streams to generate business.

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