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How to Launch Your Writing Startup as a Student

If you’re a student looking to earn some extra cash, you need a job with flexible hours. Finding a well-paid job that makes accommodations for your studies is not that easy. That’s why a lot of students are launching college startups as their side hustle.

Owning a business makes it easy to set convenient working hours that allow you to fulfill your academic obligations. You’re also likely to earn more money. There are lots of college startup ideas out there. One is starting an essay writing service. Here’s how to go about it.

Take advantage of your talents

Before you launch a college startup, you need to assess your areas of ability and how you can utilize them to start a profitable business. You might have a brilliant idea for a product to make the lives of students easier.

But if you’re a good writer who finds it easy to produce outstanding essays, an essay writing service might be the answer for you. Take a critical look at your past performance in essay writing.

The qualities of a good essay include the ability to express oneself with a wide-ranging vocabulary and put together a logically laid-out constructive argument. If this is something that comes easily to you, you’re on your way to a successful startup. A good entrepreneur starts a business that plays to their strengths.

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Know how to start a startup in college

There’s no doubt someone has already started an essay writing startup on campus. It’s an excellent startup idea because you’re surrounded by people who need application essay help from experts and assistance with their assignments. They also need writing help with thesis, college essays and dissertation, so the market is quite large.

Look around at the competition. See what prices and delivery times they promise. This information will guide you as you decide what you’ll offer and charge and how long it will take to complete a task. Also, try and come up with ideas of what your service can provide that others won’t so that you’ll stand out in the crowd.

Offer your services by word of mouth advertising or put up flyers around campus. Once you’ve got your business launched, you can start exploring other avenues for more customers. Create a website for your business so that you’ll have a further reach into the market.

Your website should be attention-grabbing, and easy to navigate. Get some help from a web designer if this is not your area of expertise. Create a presence for your business on social media platforms as this is where your target market will look for an essay writing service.

Offer quality content

A lot of students have expressed disappointment after using an essay writing service. They say that they didn’t get what was promised to them.  The writing is of a poor standard and doesn’t cover what it was supposed to. These kinds of complaints can spell the end of your business before you even get it fully off the ground. Whatever you promise is what you must deliver.

A lot of customers won’t limit their requests to college application and assignment essays. Some of them might want you to create content for their startups, existing businesses or e-commerce stores and you may also have to create engaging content for boring industries. This is a different ball game altogether. Blogs and online articles contain keyword-driven content that helps them with search engine visibility.

It’s a slightly different mindset and approach to writing, but it’s very profitable as many customers offer repeat business for quality written pieces. You should also write blog posts for your website that optimize search engine results when people look for an essay writing service.

Customer service

If you’re wondering how to start a startup in college that will grow and be profitable, remember that your customers drive its success. Keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of your decision-making. A lot of startups sell the same products and services at similar prices.

What sets the successful ones apart from their counterparts is their dedication to customer service. Clients are likely to utilize your services again if you make them feel that their needs are important to you. Clients will pay a bit extra to have the peace of mind of knowing their essay is in good hands.

Study your target market. Who are you aiming your services at? What kind of budget do they operate on and what is the volume of work they could require from you? In knowing who your potential customers are, you can start your startup as you mean to run it, which is successfully.


Don’t expect that starting an essay writing startup as a student will be smooth sailing. There will be hiccups in the initial stages. Most startups experience them. What will define you as a business owner is how you deal with them. Have a solid business and contingency plan and a vision of how you want your startup to grow. But be prepared to have to adapt them according to the operating environment.

Above all, don’t overcommit yourself to your startup. It’s meant to be a side hustle and shouldn’t interfere with your own studies. If you find yourself swamped with work, it might be time to take on your first employee!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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