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How to Make an Outstanding College Essay

Students tend to shy away from writing academic papers. They have to write essays at every academic stage, but due to the changing requirements of teachers, they never seem to master them. So, it is a stressful time for them when admission into their dream school is dependent on an essay. Thanks to tools such as essaypro review, this can be more manageable.

How to Make an Outstanding College Essay

Essay writing is a skill not many students excel at. So, they get stressed when they have to write academic papers. Like most students, you will want someone to write essays for you. You can hire a writer using writing services and agencies. If you choose to take up this challenge yourself and do not know where to start, then do not fret. The following list has been compiled to help you write an outstanding admissions essay.

Finding the Right Topic

When you start, you will wonder how to write a personal essay for college? The first step is creating the right setup. If you are constantly distracted or taking breaks, then your paper will not have a proper flow. To avoid this issue, you should find a quiet spot like a library or your room. Try to gather everything you will need, like a laptop charger, notebook, pens, before you start. You can keep a water bottle and a snack with you, so you do not have to take a break from writing.

Once you have the right setup, you can decide what to write your college essay about. If the university has allotted a topic, then you have the option to use what kind of paper you want to write; narrative, argumentative or descriptive.

If you have the liberty to choose a topic, then the world is your oyster. You can choose any topic you feel confident about. If you want to craft memorable college essays, it is recommended to write about some aspect of your life. It can be about achievement, a loss, and struggle and how you overcame it. The admissions board wants to learn about you, so tell them with your wiring.

Creating an Outline

Once you have decided on a topic, now you can begin deciding what and how to write it. The first step on how to write an amazing essay is creating an outline. The outline helps adds structure to your essay. Instead of it being haphazard, it will have a natural flow, and the reader will be able to comprehend it easily as well. You will not repeat information unnecessarily because it will be in the form of a well-structured story.

You can look at my story essay examples to understand how to make an outline. A sample outline for a college admission’s document is;

  • Introduction,
    • Background,
    • Thesis statement,
  • Body,
    • Paragraph one,
    • Paragraph two,
    • Paragraph three,

After you have created your desired outline, you can start jotting down your life stories and experiences next to relevant headings. Since it is a guideline, you can edit it and move information from one part to another as you see fit.

Steps to Write an Essay

Now you can start the writing process of your college-level essay. The first step is forming the thesis statement. It features the central theme of your paper. It is included in the introduction. If you compose the thesis statement in the beginning, then it helps define the boundaries of the document. You will know when you stray too far from the topic and will not go on an irrelevant tangent; it keeps you focused.

The second step on how to write a college essay is crafting the body paragraphs. A typical essay has three paragraphs in the body. Each has a different theme it elaborates on. For example, if your paper is about an instrument, you play then you can break each paragraph as;

  1. First paragraph: how you were introduced to that instrument or who motivated you.
  2. Second paragraph: how you learned to play it.
  3. Third paragraph: the impact it has had on your life.

After the body, you write the introduction. It seems absurd, but the introduction is a summarization of the rest of the document. It is easier to compose a summary after having written the detailed portion. And o not forget to add the thesis statement in the introduction as well.

The last writing step in college essay writing is composing the conclusion. It is a small paragraph and should not exceed 60 to 70 words. The purpose of the conclusion is to end the paper in an organized manner rather than a haphazard end.

Be True to Yourself

be true

The purpose of this essay to convey your personality to the college admission board. So, be honest and true to yourself. It is best to stay away from over-exaggeration unless it is very apparent and for humorous purposes. Do not make your struggles unrealistic, as the reader will not relate to them. You can write from your perspective, and that will make you unique. It does not have to be very deep or insightful, just an honest depiction of how you experienced something.

Don’t Shy Away From Phrases and Vocabulary

The admission board has to read hundreds, if not thousands, of essays. It gets boring and tiresome for them.  If you write a typical paper, they will just pass over it. The trick on how to write a good college essay is to make it entertaining; you can use rhetorical questions or phrases.

You can even add a joke or two. It will freshen them up and make your paper stand out. You can use rare words or broaden your vocabulary when writing, although do not overuse them. At the end of the day, it is still an academic document and has to be kept formal.

Different Perspectives

When you are writing a college essay, you are too involved in it. Looking at one document for hours on end can cause you to overlook certain things. You may catch spelling mistakes but not grammatical errors. You are the author, so everything you have written will make sense to you. But, will it make sense to the readers of the admission board?

To help with this dilemma, you can ask friends, family, and colleagues to read your document. It will give you a fresh perspective, and you can look at the bigger picture. The feedback can help you edit the essay to make it even better. You can ask them if the rhetorical question or humorous phrase you used has the desired effect.


Essay writing is stressful enough without the pressure of your admission riding on it. You can always seek professional help and get rid of the burden altogether. However, with this guide, you can write an outstanding essay yourself as well. All you need is time and effort.


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