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How to Make Your Brand Style Catchy

Setting a brand style is a very important way to set foot in the consumer market. Your brand style is what sets you apart from other brands. It can help you stand out, as well as remain consistent. Consistency makes you more distinguishable and sends a clear message of who you are and what you deliver.


This will strengthen your credibility and trust among the consumers and is exactly why your brand style should be catchy and innovative. To be able to communicate your brand to your audience, read on for a thorough guide on how to make your brand style catchy.

Knowing Your Brand

A brand style is all about how you want everyone to perceive your brand. When establishing your brand identity, you are in control of how the world views you. To send the right message, you should know your brand in 5 simple elements. Think about mission, vision, and target audience. What are the beliefs and values of your brand? What is the personality that it reflects? This will help you understand how to speak to your audience.


You need the inspiration to establish a catchy brand style. The best way to get inspired is by asking as many people who are a part of the team as to pitch in. Ask them to create mood boards that reflect their own definition of your brand. See if any of the ideas they came up with are similar and if certain colors or concepts appeared more than once. This can be a good identification of what people generally think the brand’s values and personality look like. If many people agree that the brand resembles a certain style, it can be easier to communicate and connect to your audience.

Concept to Reality

Now that you have defined your brand and found inspiration, it is time to tell the brand’s story to the world. You should now reveal as many of the 5 elements that we have mentioned earlier as you desire to your target audience. This will make your presence in the market known. Consider hiring a PR agent to help you advertise your brand and set the right tone. The professionals over at suggest that they will allow you to create a movement out of your brand. Afterward, you should appoint a graphic designer that will help you make your vision come to life. Make sure that there is a mutual understanding between you and the graphic designer. This way, they can understand what you are looking for, as well as communicate new ideas to you.

Color palette

While choosing a color palette, you need to keep in mind that those colors will be automatically associated with your brand. You will probably have to implement them in your logo, your website, your social media presence, as well as any other form of visual propaganda advertising. You need to think about how these colors will look and blend in different media. You can also learn about color psychology to understand how people respond and feel towards certain colors. Some colors can automatically trigger certain feelings, thoughts, and emotions, which would also be associated with your brand.

Logo and Typography

A logo is one of the most vital parts of setting a brand style. It is basically the face of the brand. Factors such as size, space, colors, and alignment should be kept in mind while creating the logo.


Considering the brand personality while creating the logo is also very important. Typography is an element that will also be used very frequently when promoting your brand. Similar factors should also be considered when creating a font scheme.


The words and sentence structure that you use are very impactful when speaking about your brand. Again, thinking about the brand’s personality and vision is a must. Is your brand a luxury brand? Is it fun? Maybe motivational? The persona of the brand determines the voice that you will use when speaking about your brand.

Since making your brand style catchy is very important when it comes to establishing your brand’s identity, we put together a guide to help you set foot in the consumer market. There are various factors such as vision, mission, values, and personality to keep in mind when speaking to your market.

These factors can control the way people view your brand. It is important to remain consistent with your brand style because changes often make people lose trust and interest. People are loyal to a brand that sticks to the same mission and core values.

brand style

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