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The Retail Reset: How To Make Your Storefront Stickout

If there is one tip any shop owner needs to know in order to be successful, it’s to not underestimate the importance of your storefront. The storefront is your business’s first impression, and as we all know, first impressions matter. If your retail storefront is looking drab or lifeless, here’s how to make it stick out from the rest. 

A Noticeable Mannequin

It doesn’t matter if your retail store sells clothing, jewelry, or other accessories; customers love to see good visually merchandised displays. Make sure your storefront has great mannequins that really make people stop in their tracks as they pass your storefront. A great way to achieve this is to get yourself funny socks wholesale and dress your mannequins to impress. Loud or funky clothing will stop any customer in their tracks and send the message that this is a shop I need to check out. If you’re unsure how to style a mannequin, look online for inspiration or ask a professional stylist for some tips and advice. A good mannequin in any storefront is a signal to stop and have a look, done properly and it will almost certainly increase the foot traffic in your store.


It’s important to make sure people know what’s happening in your store, and nothing grabs people’s attention quite like a sale. Even if they don’t need to buy anything, the allure of something being on special or on sale can be enough to get them purchasing. Make sure your storefront clearly communicates any current or upcoming sales. Think like a customer and what might get you stopping at a storefront advertising their sales. You want the potential cost saving, the duration of the sale, and most importantly if the sales cover any items that are rarely on sale. One thing human beings share is a fear of missing out and a love of a bargain. A storefront that frequently advertises sales is sure to get more customers stopping and coming in to visit.

Make It Level

This tip doesn’t mean ensuring that there isn’t a slant in your window or the doorway, it means making sure the most eye-catching items are at eye level. As the old saying goes, eye level is buy level. If you’re most prominent, best sale, or most sought-after items are on display at eye level you are going to catch a few more eyes. The trick is to ensure the items are surrounded by the right complementary assets or designs to get the most visual appeal. Try to avoid having contrasting colors or themes across your display, especially at that eye level. If you’re unsure where eye level is in your display, take the time to go outside, stand in front of your storefront and plot the best possible place. 

Avoid Clutter

One thing you want to avoid in your storefront is a cluttered or busy look. If your audience walking past are met with a busy storefront or can’t work out where to devote their attention you’ll lose them. Design a storefront that is simple, yet effective in its design. Work out what your brand is and ensure your storefront lives up to that branding. If you have multiple displays, too much signage, or not enough signage, the customers will be confronted by a confusing mess and keep walking. Keep the design clean and simple yet informative to ensure you stop more customers than you drive away. 

Make It Visible

One of the worst things a store owner can do is design a beautiful storefront, only to have customers not even notice it as they walk by. Not because there wasn’t anything to see, but because they literally couldn’t see it. One of the best tips to make your storefront stick out is to make sure it’s well-lit. Take the time to check your storefront in different conditions. Check it in the rain, cloudy, sunny, and nighttime conditions. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and assess whether you would be able to see the storefront if you walked past. Lighting can also be a great addition to the design of a display. Don’t just place lights anywhere, try to work them into the storefront design in a way that makes sense and adds to the experience. Your storefront is the first impression of your store to your customers. It’s hard to take back a first impression, so plan to get it right the first time with a great storefront design. Take the time to assess the themes, the eye-catching elements, and what products you place at eye level. All of these helpful hints can really change the way you impact customers with your storefront. To make your storefront truly stick out, implement these tips today. 

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