How to Market Makeup Artist Services Business

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Whether it is marketing you as an individual makeup artist or marketing your business brand, it takes an almost same level of pain. Strategies can vary depending on your target market, specialty, pricing etc, so this article will focus on generic guidelines for marketing your makeup artist services. Let’s have a look at these guidelines:



The Website:

Since it is digital age and everyone is online and the very first thing customers do, is to check the website whenever they hear about you from someone; So, get your SEO and Social media friendly website ready. Make sure it displays your best work and contact information clearly.

Moreover, you can add more visuals to the website to increase conversions. Do follow these landing page optimization best practices.

Social Media Presence:

People will definitely want to stay in touch with you through Facebook as it is convenient, so make sure to have enhanced presence there and you can also run cost effective Facebook advertising to attract more prospects. If you are planning big, add your business on Linkedin as well and make sure your employees are connected to your business over Linkedin.

Local Presence Matters:

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Of course, you must be present locally for the target audience. It is very obvious that you must be available face to face in the market where you are expecting to build customers. To do so:

  • Participate in local events, i.e. fashion shows.
  • Be part of sponsoring a high-profile wedding or similar event with your makeup services.
  • Organize an event on your own.
  • Use of traditional advertising banners and billboards on highly targeted places works great. But keep in mind that they cost heavily and ROI depends on various other factors, so do not invest in this advertising medium without proper research.

Always Have Marketing Material Handy:

Have your print material ready; make sure to include visuals of your best work and distribute it on the targeted places. c

Leverage Referrals:

Offer discounts on referrals, make sure to have a record of referrals.

Let Your Business Card Speak:

Having business cards for makeup artist is a must! Get an attention to grab business card designed and distribute it using all the above and other mediums.

Re-target People to Have Returning Customers:

Keep a computerized record of existing customers and send them periodic notes/newsletters with your latest offers and best packages, discounts and more. An effective email marketing strategy can produce great results. If you are an avid computer user who explores the internet on the go, you may find these tools very helpful for better customer services and build strong relationships:

Strategic Partnerships Work Like a Charm:

  • Suppose you’re partnering with an ad company or a fashion magazine, you will not need to spend anything on marketing.
  • You can also sell your services on discount on local platforms like Groupon whereby you get business along with free advertising.

Exploring the mediums and strategies above will open more and more doors for you and then you can always innovate marketing methods specifically for your business. So, have the fun marketing your makeup artistry business and do not forget to wear your very own makeup always whenever you are going public!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.