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How to Market Your Cleaning Company on Facebook; the Right Way

Did you know that 80% of Americans use social media and 96% of the American social media users are on Facebook? The more interesting fact is that 31% of these users check their Facebook multiple times a day. So if you are planning to market your cleaning company using Facebook, that’s probably the right decision a cleaning business owner can take.

According to the statistics, 70% of businesses that use Facebook to market their products and services see a significant increase in their website traffic and sales overall. The other 30% who fails at it are normally the first timers with limited know how of the platform and marketing techniques. However, if you are new to Facebook marketing, you can reduce the risk of failure by avoiding the confusions and following the best practices.

This article will discuss the best practices to follow while marketing your small scale cleaning business over Facebook.

Step 1: Set clear goals;

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Starting a marketing campaign without a goal is a clear failure. So the first step is to set measurable goals for your Facebook marketing campaigns. The goals may include:

  • Driving XXXX number of local sign-ups.
  • $XXXX sales.

Step 2: Having landing pages for capturing leads;

Having a responsive website like Mop Stars has, is crucial for your cleaning business. Make sure you have at least one contact page or booking page, where people can place an order. You must test and ensure that everything is working fine before you start promoting your business.

Alternatively, if your website doesn’t have ordering and payment processing facility for now, you may take orders directly over the Facebook, simply by asking users to post their queries and you can reply to them using the Facebook messaging service.

Step 3: Developing an audience over Facebook;

It starts with making an attractive Facebook page for your business. Though, it doesn’t need any money, but it does require time and effort to create appealing images and content to make your Facebook page look professionals.

Once the page is set up, invite your direct contact, i.e. friends & family, employees and other connections who live in your city. Please, note that it is very important for your cleaning business’s Facebook page to have some real likes before you start paid advertising. If you start promoting a page with zero likes, the cost per like will be relatively higher.

After having some organic followers on your attractive Facebook page, you can start Facebook advertising to get more likes/follows for your business page in limited budget. Having an audience comprising of 500 locals is good to go.


Step 4: Engaging prospects on Facebook;

Having millions of Facebook page followers might not be beneficial if they are not engaged and on the other hand, 500 followers can generate you five digits revenues if you have engaged them in healthy activities. So, the crux is “your followers need to be engaged, if you want them to buy from you”.

Here are some tips to engage people on your cleaning company’s Facebook page:

  • Be consistent with posting, i.e. one post per day is good to go, but make sure you post when most of your followers are online. If this doesn’t work, post twice a day.
  • Be highly responsive, i.e. at times you get immediate responses to your posts, so you must answer to the queries in minimum possible time. Do not keep them waiting for more than 3 hours.
  • Make it fun; share a relevant movie clip, picture etc.
  • Ask for feedback; people love to give feedback on all sorts of topics, so not necessarily to ask them for the feedback on your services, but you may ask them about anything else related.


Step 5; Blend your offers in;

A most common mistake by small businesses is that their timeline is full of offers. Honestly, no one bothers to check your Facebook page, when they see you’re always posting about offers. The best idea to promote your offers is to mix them well with the other types of content.

Make sure, you run one type of offer in a week and focus promoting the single offer in intervals, i.e. if you are posting twice a day on your page, one time it can be the offer promotion.

Moreover, do not always have same types of offers, rather think of various offer ideas that also increase engagement on your Facebook page. For instance here are some contest ideas for cleaning company Facebook page.

  • Ask them to mention their best friend in the comment and the friend should like the page as a response. The winner friends get two hours of cleaning service each. (Friend should also be residing in the same city or within the locality of your service area).
  • Ask a random question like what people use magic erasers for, and randomly chose a winner for a gift card or two hours of cleaning service.
  • Encourage existing customers to share the before and after pictures of their homes when they are using your service and a random customer wins a free cleaning session worth $XXX or XX hours.


Step 6: Promoting offers using Facebook advertising;

Some businesses make a mistake of promoting every other post just to see healthy Facebook insights in the admin area. It’s your money and you should spend it only on the spots where you can see 10 times in return. So, use Facebook advertising once for increasing local page followers and then to promote your offers.

The key to making most out of sponsored posts is to have a great image, killer offer, quickly opening website/quick response from the business.


The Bottom Line:

There can be thousands of ideas to promote your cleaning business on Facebook, but not all the ideas are freely available. At times you have to dig them out from some other successful cleaning business owner who is quickly becoming a master at generating new cleaning accounts from Facebook. Follow their pages and keep an eye on what new they are doing and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

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