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How to Market Your Startup on a Budget

If you’re trying to market your startup while on a budget, you might need to get creative to finance your dream. When you have limited funds, you’re forced to innovate to share your vision. Luckily, there are a few marketing methods that can help you get your startup off the ground.


Don’t Ignore SEO

No matter what your industry may be, you need an online presence, even if it’s a basic website or a blog. But just because your company is online doesn’t mean your target audience can discover it easily. Spend time researching the keywords your audience is looking for and incorporate them into your posts or webpage content. Use phrases unique to your startup to title the pages. That’ll help them stand out from other sites. But SEO is about more than just encouraging people to visit your site. It’s also about using conversion-focused content to get the right visitors. That’s why you should use intent SEO, which can multiply your revenue.

Engage with Clients

When you have a startup, you might want to focus on selling to anyone you come across. While you do have to market yourself, you also want to give your brand value. That means participating in discussions that might not always be about your business. Social media makes it easy to interact with your target audience without seeming like you’re trying to advertise. When you’re first setting up your page, you might leave comments on other accounts or share their content. Show your support to build trust, whether that’s online or in your local community.

The next time someone needs a service or product in your industry, they’ll be more likely to choose you since you were kind to them. When you share someone’s content, you won’t direct their attention away from your business. Instead, look for content relevant to your niche that you think your followers might be interested in. It might be hard to introduce your business to the right people. A good way of finding clients is through giveaways and samples. Reach out to potential clients and offer a sample of your product in return for social media shares or reviews.


Consider Co-Sponsoring an Event

Every industry has special events, whether that’s winemaking, technology, interior design, or another one. Unless a big company is managing and paying for the event, many event planners need sponsors to fund the event. In return, you’ll get a great marketing opportunity for your niche. The next time you are considering going to an event in your industry, see if there are any sponsorship opportunities. See if you can be there to give a presentation or showcase your business. Besides showing your company cares about the community, co-sponsoring an event gives you networking opportunities with your target audience so you can get new leads. Don’t forget to bring your business cards. Just because you have a modest marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t sponsor an event. Even a small contribution might let you put your business’ name up so more people hear about it.

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