How to Motivate Employees without Pay Raise

There is no denying to the fact that the “Pay” of the employee is one of the most prominent motivating factors of his or her job. Since, at least 99 out of 100 people work money, you cannot just ignore the monetary benefits.

However, we also need to acknowledge the fact that it is not just the only thing which motivates an employee to work harder. 80 out of 99 problems in today’s life are solved by money only, but it doesn’t mean to ignore those 19 non monetary problems.

Employee motivation itself has a whole behavioral science involved in it, and there’s always room for improvement. There can be hundreds of activities to motivate employees other than a pay raise, but we will discuss the three most important ones, i.e. that can be done quickly and show results in less time.


So here you go with the three best options to motivate your employees without a pay raise.

1- Recognition

It is very important to recognize an employee who has achieved a task. The organization should become a giver and praise the employee not only personally but also in front of the entire team.  This will be of extreme help in boosting the confidence and self esteem of the employee in no time and in many cases you can see the results within hours.


2- Promote Team/Social Gatherings

Just to bring more cohesiveness to the team and motivate employees for working as a team an organization must schedule off site events which helps in bonding. You should plan outstation holidays, adventure sports or leisure activities etc. An official excursion to a hill station, a team dinner, a football match, or just something fun related can do great wonders. Your team will not not feel fresh, but energetic too!


3- Give Additional Responsibility

As a reward for the outstanding work of the employee, the organization should announce additional roles for him. Contrary to what some people believe, the employee won’t feel burdened with the additional tasks but will take it as a gesture and appreciation from the organization. Additional responsibility comes with more authority and a prominent position among others which  make one feel more motivated to outperform.


Well, hundreds of other strategies can be available depending on the industry, office hours, work specifications etc, but the above three are the ones which show definite result in less possible time.


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