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How to Name Your Makeup Artist Business Brand

Whether you are planning to be a freelance makeup artist or want to have a physical set up with an aim to grow a makeup artist business with a team, name plays a vital role in getting clients in the future. Naming your makeup artistry business should be taken very seriously as it’s going to be a concern about the brand image in the future.

The key to name your makeup artistry business is finding what suits your business and, more importantly, suits your target market. We are not going to give you the exact business names in this article, but a generic guideline to name your business, so here it goes.


Name It After Yourself:

For freelance makeup artists, this is the best option probably, because in one go you will get personal branding as well as building up the clientele. You might see many big businesses on the same pattern as well, but for a big business, you have a lot of other options as well. And yes, you can brand your makeup artistry business based on either your full name or nickname, but make sure it should be unique.

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Name It After The Area:

If you are planning to sell your services specifically in a limited area and you are sure that you’re best in the area, naming your makeup artistry business after the area can be definitely a good idea. You might need to add some secondary names, i.e. Beauty Salon, Makeup Expert etc to complete the name, so wisely choose the secondary names. For secondary names, you can also add your expertise like, Party Makeup, Bridal, Fashion, etc.

Name it After Specialty:

If you are selling a specialty makeup services like nail art, glamor makeup, bridal makeup etc, branding your business with your specialty is the best idea to have a unique name in the market.

Go for Very Common Yet Highly Related Words:

‘Spotlight’, ‘Blush’, ‘Glamour’, ‘Faces’ etc are some of the very common words that can be used as your makeup artistry business name. The benefit of having such name is that they are very easy to remember, however, the disadvantage is that while going online you won’t find the domain available for such name.

Go for Combinations:

You can also use very common words in combinations to come up with something unique, i.e. ‘Glow & Beautiful’, ‘Spotlight Shine’ etc.

You May Go Off Topic:

These are the names that may not relate directly to the brand experience. Naming your business in such a way is risky unless you come up with something really attention seeking yet unique in the market.


Brainstorm in all of the above directions and get the opinion of your friends and family on your ideas. If you like a name most but others do not, it’s nothing to get personal on… take it as a suggestion only. Discussion on possible names with others will help you finalize the name for your makeup artist business, and once you have a finalized name, make sure you choose the right business card designs for your makeup artist business.

The Bottom Line: Check Domain Name Availability:

Since every business is going online nowaday, having a website would be inevitable for your makeup artist business too. So, whatever the business name you choose, do a search online for the domain name availability and go for a business name for which you can get domain as well as social media pages easily.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.