How to Name Your Restaurant

Some Creative Tips on How to Name Your Restaurant or Café Business

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Naming your restaurant is as important as attracting people to your restaurant and running the operations smoothly. It needs to be perfect! The business name forms your identity and makes the required impact before even someone enters your place and orders food. This very name helps your customers remember you. However, this task is not as straightforward as it seems.

In this article, some areas are mentioned which may help you to get inspiration on how to name a restaurant. Moreover, some tips are also mentioned to come up with something unique.

how to name a restaurant

Some Creative Tips on How to Name Your Restaurant or Café Business

Name After the Cuisine:

It is a very simple approach to name your name restaurant after the cuisine you will be serving.  This helps people in also knowing what is available at your place. For instance, a continental restaurant will have a sophisticated name whereas a place serving fast-food will have a trendy and casual name. A café can go with the name of the specialty snack!

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Inspiration from Location:

Naming your restaurant or cafe after the area it is situated in or originated from is also a very attractive option. It’s not just something to make it easier to remember but is very tempting for people who have a love for that location. This approach also has the capacity to convey the kind of food available at your place.

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Represent a Theme:

One of the straightforward approaches is to name the eating place after a particular theme and then also designing a menu inspired by the theme. For instance, you can name it after any popular sport, show, band, celebrity and etc. A few days back I came across a café named “The Hogwarts Café” with all the Harry Potter Inspired menu and interior. This technique attracts all the fans of that particular theme as well as it creates curiosity among people to check the new place.

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Dedicate the Name to Something Dear to You:

It is very thoughtful to name the restaurant after some person or thing dear to you. This simplifies the process of naming the place. Again this technique also has the capacity of merging the cuisine or the location or a theme in the name. Also, share the story of naming your restaurant, this attracts a lot of people.

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Play with Words:

Playing with words sometimes brings forward some of the unique and Interesting names which quickly settle down into the minds of people. They are easy to remember as well as pass on quickly by the word of mouth.

Lastly, some of the points to remember while naming your restaurant or café business:

  • Try to keep it simple.
  • Brainstorming for names makes you go in many different directions.
  • Keep it flexible enough; so in case you expand it tomorrow, you don’t need to change the name!
  • Discuss it with others to get the best suggestions and opinions.
  • It should differentiate you from others.
  • Come up with an original name, avoid deciding on names similar to the trademarks.
  • It should be appropriate for the audience you want to target.
  • The name should be something your stakeholders and employees are proud to associate with.
  • Do proper research in the market.

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