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How to Name Your Wedding Planner Business

When it comes to starting any new business, no matter on what scale, heartfelt dedication and diligence is always required. But before that comes an even daunting and important decision to be made. What to name your company?

If you’re deciding on starting up a creative business of your own, i.e. wedding planner services or related business and you’re having trouble at naming your company, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I will help you follow some steps in order to come up with a nice name for your wedding planner business.

A lot of wedding planners have surfaced up in a colossal number in the past few years. Whilst this business is comparatively easy but managing to make your mark and get renowned for it is not what everyone manages to achieve.

To set your wedding planning business apart from the thousand others in your industry, you need ingenuity and a strategy for coming up with a unique name. No matter what you think, sitting at a spot and blurting several catchy words that come to your mind isn’t the best way to create an ideal name for your wedding planning business. Even if your business targets Asian brides or other specific target audiences, it isn’t enough for you to choose a name solely based on that factor. You should consider other unique aspects of the brand you want to create, as well as its backstory.

Definitely, the name will not just be the first impression but it would portray so much about your company as well. For instance, a business with the name “InStyle Wedding Planning” is going to tell us about the nature of company explicitly rather than a company with the name “inStyle Corporation”.


Here are some points to consider while naming you wedding planner services startup:

The first rule of naming a business is that, the name should be:

  • Concise
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to remember.

You certainly would not like if people start slurring the first syllable and saying ‘whatever’ followed by it.

So keep simplicity in mind. Try adding words that are relevant yet charming. If it is something that sounds nicely funny, it would certainly grasp the attention of more people.

Besides that, charm and humor have been proven to help people trust quickly, for instance:

  • Classic Weddings
  • Lifetime Events
  • Exceptional Events


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