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How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Whether it’s your personal brand or a company, your Twitter profile is important when it comes to market your brand online. It is the first thing people look at when they are looking for your business on Twitter.  It’s the Twitter profile’s strength that determines whether or note someone will follow you and optimizing your Twitter profile is the only way to strengthen it.

If you are a B2C brand, you must have a highly engaged Twitter audience. If you are a B2B brand, you may also be a victim of a common misconception about Twitter for B2B industry, i.e.t Twitter might not work for a B2B brand, however, this list of B2B lead generation techniques using Twitter will clarify everything.

Coming back to Twitter profile optimization, it is the first step in makinTwitter an effective branding platform for your personal brand as well as for your startup or an established business.

This article will focus on tips to optimize your personal profile as well as your business name on Twitter. So here it goes:

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  1. Your Twitter handle; it comes after that “@” symbol and it must be a significant name. Use the real names (your own name or the business name). Twitter has 15 characters limit for the handle and so you must consider a name that fits within this limit. If your company name is longer than 15 characters, you may use recognizable abbreviations.
  2. Being recognizable; since your Twitter handle may not exactly be your name or your company name and it can be problematic when someone searches for you on Twitter. Keeping this factor in mind, use the “Name” field to tell people who you are.
  3. Show your identity;  use a close-up picture in case of a personal profile. If you are optimizing a business name on Twitter, make sure to have logo clearly visible. Use high-resolution images in both cases.
  4. Use all the allowed characters in bio section; skills, interests, and expertise in case of a personal brand and main products, services, tools etc. in a case of a business should all go in this section.
  5. Do not over#hashtag the bio; it’s very limited space, so do not overuse hashtags, i.e. do not use more than two #hashtags in the bio section. Some people believe that using more hashtags, you can increase followers but that’s not true. Increasing Twitter followers requires a strategic approach. Check this article on how to increase Twitter followers.
  6. Use the header photo for better branding; use it effectively, i.e. you can change this every week to promote new content, deals, promotions, showing off most engaged users and a lot of other branding related activities. An effective header can also help you keep your Twitter stream influencing and so you can increase Twitter engagement with little or no effort. Check with your design experts to see what you can do in 1500 x 1500px.
  7. Website URL: You must link your website to your profile because after every highly engaged Twitter activity users would want to explore more on your website. Do not forget to include it in bio section in fact, because you should consider the mobile users also.
  8. Be informative and not promotional: your bio should not be asking people to buy your service, rather it should be compelling them to ask you for your services! Check out these 20 Twitter profiles that every entrepreneur must follow and keep an eye on what they are doing to optimize their profiles.

Do the above and your Twitter profile is already optimized, but keep on trying new things based on your own research in your target market! And yes, do not forget to check what you should not be doing on Twitter.

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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