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How to Outsource Game Development?

The game industry is now more famous than ever before. More and more companies are turning out to be progressively keen on fostering their own versatile game to one or the other benefit from them or use them as a showcasing instrument.

They can work on the project themselves or outsource it to a seasoned game development company if they intend to create their own mobile game. We should see which choice is the better one.

To outsource game development can be a strategic decision for companies looking to leverage external expertise, reduce costs, and accelerate development. However, outsourcing game development requires careful planning and consideration to ensure successful collaboration and the delivery of a high-quality game.

You can explore several avenues and platforms to find talented individuals or teams when hiring game developers. Here are some popular ways to hire game developers:

Online Freelance Platforms:

Online freelance platforms provide a vast pool of game developers and a convenient way to connect with professionals. Some well-known freelance platforms include:

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Upwork: Upwork is one of the largest freelance platforms with multiple skills, such as game design, programming, art, and sound. More job boards and job portals can help find game developers. LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor often have job listings specific to game development roles. Post job listings with detailed requirements and browse through resumes and profiles to identify suitable candidates.

  • Freelancer: Freelancer is another popular platform where you can find game developers with different specialties. It allows you to post projects and receive bids from interested developers.
  • Toptal: Toptal is a platform known for connecting clients with top-tier freelancers. They have a rigorous screening process, ensuring access to highly skilled game developers.
  • Guru: Guru provides a platform to find game developers and studios with different expertise. It offers options to hire freelancers or collaborate with established game development companies.

Game Development Conferences and Events

Attending game development conferences and events provides opportunities to network with industry professionals, including game developers, artists, and designers. You can meet developers directly, discuss projects, and evaluate their skills. Some notable conferences include:

  • Game Developers Conference (GDC): GDC is one of the largest and most renowned conferences for game developers, attracting professionals worldwide. It offers networking opportunities and a chance to meet potential developers.
  • Casual Connect: Casual Connect is a series of conferences on the casual gaming industry. It brings developers, publishers, and investors together, providing a networking and recruitment platform.

Full-Cycle Game Development Agencies

Full-cycle game development agencies are an excellent option for hiring game developers. These agencies provide end-to-end solutions, covering all aspects of game development, from conceptualization to deployment.

No matter what kind of software development project you’re working on or how complicated it is, you need a team that knows what your business needs and can provide solutions to help your business grow. The right full-cycle development companies will want to join the task at any snapshot of the venture progress, regardless of whether you are simply forming your thought or currently beginning the improvement interaction.

During your project, you may lack the appropriate expertise. The ongoing group doesn’t measure up to your assumptions, and you want a solid and experienced accomplice to get the venture in the groove again within the briefest terms.

When you consider hiring game developers, full-cycle game development agencies could be handy cause they include the next benefits:

Comprehensive Expertise

Full-cycle game development agencies typically have a diverse team of professionals with expertise in various areas, including game design, programming, art, animation, sound, and quality assurance.

Streamlined Project Management

Game development agencies are experienced in managing complex projects. They have established processes and project management methodologies to ensure efficient workflow.

Proven Track Record

Reputable game development agencies often have an extensive portfolio showcasing their past projects. You can review their work to assess the quality of their games, art style, gameplay mechanics, and technical capabilities.

Scalability and Flexibility

Game development agencies can scale their team based on project requirements. Whether you need a small group for a compact project or a larger unit for more extensive game development, agencies can adjust their resources accordingly.

Reduced Administrative Burden

You benefit from their administrative support when working with a game development agency. They handle tasks such as recruiting, onboarding, payroll, and legal matters, alleviating these responsibilities from your team.

Dedicated Team of Game Developers

Hiring a dedicated development team of game developers is a great option if you need flexibility in hiring one developer or the whole team. A dedicated team model is an approach where clients employ a team of developers for their projects. It’s usually a team managed from the customer side.

The vendor starts assembling the team after the requirements and price are clear. The length of this process depends on how many developers you need. If you have a small project that requires several developers, chances are you will get them by the next day.

However, if the project requires 20-30 developers, the company may have a few. In that case, you’ll have to wait until other engineers become vacant or the company hires new specialists. It sounds like a long process, yet it’s still cheaper and faster than looking for game developers yourself.

To Sum Up

When hiring game developers, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate candidates based on their skills, experience, portfolios, and compatibility with your project requirements. Conduct interviews, request work samples or demos, and assess their technical proficiency and communication skills.

Remember to communicate project details, expectations, and timelines to ensure alignment from the outset. Additionally, consider factors such as budget, project scope, and long-term collaboration possibilities when hiring. By exploring these different ways of hiring, you can increase your chances of finding talented game developers who are a great fit for your project.

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