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How to Progress Distinctively as an SD Functional Consultant

With the new emerging markets and innovative business models, we often witness enthusiastic business analysts who covertly wish to enter SAP arena as it is gaining traction as one of the most flourishing as a well as a rewarding option.

Several SAP aspirants go through the disturbing query regarding how to make a foray in SAP arena. Many folks are moving into CRM, some into SCM, some into pricing category, and some into the world of order management. When given a thought, SD can’t be considered as one area, but as a collaboration of various functional areas, enabling an opportunity to choose among them.

SD – Sales and Distribution.

For example, if “sales” side is what interests you the most, then you might put more emphasis on:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Internet commerce
  • Order Processing
  • Mobile Applications
  • Campaign Marketing
  • Managing Partner Relationship, etc.

Of course, one can’t be an expert in all aspects of the supply chain but can certainly explore the engaging niches of sales and marketing areas – which are connected to order management and sales forecasting.

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But for many, the most influential aspect of SAP SD is what it must do with the “supply chain of demand-driven.” It aids the suppliers and manufacturers with pre-notice with real-time evaluation of trends in sales such that inventory can be lowered and products are delivered to attain the altering needs of existing modern consumers. This area is very much compelling mainly due to two reasons: because only a few number of enterprises have truly collaborated their “demand” and “supply” chain and other, SAP, is now in the prime position to leverage the kind of methodology required.

The best methodology applied to proceed in the SAP career is to recognize the main areas of interest, and then put key concentration on that sections of SAP the most.

  • The first step is to explore the functional concepts of the subject as much as you can.
  • Next, study the way in which software aids marketing departments in realizing the major objectives.
  • Finally, map it into SAP and derive the practice of pursuing.

By opting this wider approach, one can become an all-rounded business expert of CRM, than getting stuck to a narrow implementation area of SAP. The main advantage of taking this path is that one can be assured that they have approached the right area of interest within SAP to enlighten on, instead of just grabbing one functionality i.e. SD. This approach will make the candidate evolve as a successful SAP consultant, and enhance the career prospects out of SAP as well. Once you are well-versed with the key areas of the subject, there are a lot of choices to choose from. Working relatively for SAP can aid even better for the career development.

But it is said that, if you are destined to the thing then you must do it. Opt SAP SD Training & obtain a job as a trainee based on certification & hard work. Next major task is to achieve a good job in any of SAP implementation partner and then onwards you can start your very own consultancy business.



SAP SD is not a destination point anymore. It is a process to go through as to move into the SAP products. Hope this all made a better sense of what’s out there for in the SD and CRM market of the future.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.