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How to Promote Virtual Assistant Business & Get More Clients

So, if you are someone who loves the idea of working from home and do not have any advance business skills, being a virtual assistant is quite a legitimate way to make money online.

You must already be very excited about starting as a virtual assistant, but the most important concern before you start is to know where exactly can you find the potential clients for your virtual assistant business and how to reach them .

This article will discuss a big list of places where you can find small virtual assistant jobs as well as big projects, but before we start, there are few things to be clear about.

Here it goes:

Who are the ideal clients for a virtual assistant business?

You may be thinking of running few social media ads, but this alone is not enough. You need to reach the business owners who want to spend little or no time on social media and small administration tasks themselves; they either don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to do it at their own.

These are the ideal clients for you, because they need your help most. They know that how important these small tasks are for getting new customers and retain existing ones, but have no idea where to begin.

How to reach these potential clients?

Well, there can be various ways and marketing ideas for virtual assistants reach the potential clients for their business, but I will prefer discussing the basic step here, i.e. especially for those who want to start a virtual assistant business with no prior experience.

Step 1: Find virtual assistant jobs:

So, the first step for beginners to market a VA business is to conduct a thorough research and look for the virtual assistant jobs for beginners first. There are tens of places that list legitimate VA jobs from home; these include the webmaster forums and virtual assistant companies that already have clients looking for virtual receptionists and assistants.

Here is the list of some of the best places to find various VA jobs, small and large, one time or long term projects:

1- Zirtual: a subsidiary of seeks virtual assistants for a wide range of jobs, i.e. administrative & executive assistants, data entry, personal assistants, email, social media & marketing,  scheduling & planning, travel planning, invoices & financials, prices & products comparison, online research, small business support services, authors & writers, real estate assistants, property managers and so on. The only problem is that they hire US based VAs only.

2- PeoplePerHour: all you need to do is to complete an online application and submit it.  Every application is reviewed and approved by their moderation team, ensuring only the best freelancers are matched to client projects. Once approved, you’ll gain access to a hundreds of projects from international clients, where you can apply for the project that best matches your skills.

3- UpWork: another big freelancing platform where you can find hundreds of VA jobs. You need to complete your profile and then you can bid on projects.

4- Guru: much like UpWork, they have a big stream of virtual assistant jobs, however, you need to build an impressive profile and be smart in bidding in order to successfully get a project awarded to you.

5- VMG: an Indian virtual assistants provider who is always looking for more people to join. Submit your application and they will guide you to the rest of the process.

There can be tens of other virtual assistant companies who are constantly looking for new people to join their team. As most of these companies look for local people, there are chances that a quick Google search for VA companies in your country will list some of the reliable names to work for.

You may also want to check with these VA companies for jobs:

Step 2: Promote your virtual assistant business to potential clients:

Fiverr is probably the best platform for marketing your virtual assistant business and get better jobs/projects. All you need to do is to do a thorough research on the platform and find what popular gigs are selling, i.e. social media management, writing, social media content, data entry and so on.

Having an idea of what’s in demand, you can offer something highly valuable for the lower price, i.e. Social Media Management for $5/day, creating 20 social media memes for $5, one hour of research for $5 and so on. Fiverr will promote your gig more if it is worthy of delivering high value.

LinkedIn comes next; create a convincing profile on LinkedIn and also get a convincing email pitch ready. Next step is to get connected to the key people of organizations and send them the mailer you have developed.

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Wrapping it up!

Hundreds and thousands of clients looking for virtual assistants across the globe, but how to reach them is a bit tricky. Going step by step will not just save your time but will also help you maximize the results of your efforts. I am sure, the above step by step guide will help you kickstart marketing of your VA business.

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