How to Set Up an Effective Exhibition Stand in a Flash

If you’re a start-up or SME, you know you need to get out there and gain new customers, but the practicalities of setting up exhibition displays at an expo could be tricky if you only have a tiny team.

For instance, with hundreds of thousands of new businesses launching in the UK every year, you need to find a fast way to compete without the hassle. You’ll also want to think about your brief for the exhibition display itself: for example, a large eye-catching logo can help new businesses stand out, using eye-level graphics, and you’ll also need knowledgeable staff to speak to passers-by, available at all times.

Consider Exhibition Displays that Pop Up in a Flash
With small businesses in mind, pop up exhibition displays are extremely simple to assemble (their lattice frame simply pops up, as the name suggests). It will take only a few minutes to set up your stand. Now you’re free to meet new clients, network and demonstrate what is best about your business against the backdrop of a professional stand that might look like it took hours to construct but goes up and down in minutes.

pop up marketing stand 1

Now you have your stand ready, what are you going to display on it? Is your product something you can demonstrate on site at the expo? If not, how can you engage customers and give them an experience that will help them remember you and stay in contact?

Consider the Mobility Factor
Exhibition displays that are easy to transport are vital when you’re travelling up and down the country. If you’ve opted for a kit that contains a counter/transport case from Express Exhibition Displays not only will it help you to get your exhibition displays safely to the venue, you will be able to fully transform the case itself into a counter to use on your stand.

exhibition stands


Fully Utilize the Gadgets and Tech

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You can also select lights to literally shine and stand out against your competitors. iPad stands can help your stand get connected, if you want to display features of your company or product(s) to visitors interactively through your tablet. Check before you go that the exhibition centre has Wi-Fi (and if there is a cost to that) and also make sure you have some offline content ready as a back-up.

ipad exhibition display

Complement Your Stand with Networking
As well as staffing your stand, remember to be ready to mingle among the other stands, making new contacts – give them a business card or leaflet with your stand number on it so they can find you easily within the exhibition space.

networking event

Think of an Easy to Take Down Setup
As you’d expect, when the show ends, pop-up express exhibition stands are fast to fold away. A counter/transport case fits the stand inside itself, the lights and graphics, meaning you can simply store it away, leaving you more time at the end of the day for a quick ‘networking’ session at the nearest pub!