how to start a cleaning business from scratch
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How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Business from Scratch

The cleaning industry has recession proof business opportunities for those who are willing to take the challenge. It is not an easy task to clean the dirt and mess created by others, but seeing the potential business opportunity one cannot deny the profitability of the cleaning business as well.

So, if you are ready to take the challenge of starting your own cleaning business, you just need to know how to start a cleaning business from scratch.

How To Start A Commercial Cleaning Business from Scratch

To start a cleaning business, you may not need huge capital and can start it with a limited budget as well. Some of you may be wondering how to start a cleaning business with no money, and the good thing is that it’s possible too.

There’re some already established cleaning brands that are always looking for people to start a cleaning business franchise, but in case if you are on a low budget, this may not be a good idea as it involves some additional costs in terms of franchise license, loyalty, and other fees.

starting a cleaning business step by step

What do you need to start a cleaning service business? a big question is often accompanied by queries like:

  • How to start a cleaning service from home?
  • How to start a cleaning business for offices?
  • How to start a mobile residential cleaning service?
  • What does it take to start a carpet cleaning business?
  • How to obtain a cleaning license to start a business?
  • Cleaning business startup checklist.
  • Cleaning business startup ideas.
  • How to do cleaning business marketing?

This article will discuss all the details you need to know in order to start a small scale or medium-sized cleaning business while remaining on a limited budget.

Step 1: Know the Basics of the Cleaning Services Business

Well, the cleaning business & services have huge markets both in the consumer and commercial ends.

The consumer market consists primarily of residential cleaning & maid services, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, and a lot more other options that generally do not require hi-tech equipment. Such businesses do not need any big investment to start and one person can make a start.

On the commercial side, janitorial services dominate the industry by offering a wide range of cleaning services to commercial buildings. Since it’s a big business, you need a dedicated team and necessary equipment, so good working capital is required.

To start your own cleaning business, you must take the three basic and most important factors into consideration. These factors are

  • Target Market
  • Location
  • Pricing

Step 2: Identify the Type of Cleaning Business that Suits You Best

Based on the above three factors, we’ve discussed the details of various types of cleaning businesses. Follow the one you want to start with.

Step 3: Prepare Business Plan:

You can even start with a one-page business plan. Also, get to know how to write a business plan outline. A business plan is a must as it is the road map to success and you need a business plan even for starting a home-based business.

To complete your business plan, you will need to identify the target markets and pricing your services which you can find within the links specified in step 2.

At a later stage when your startup is in running mode and you may require to attract investors, you need to develop a business plan that generates funding.

Step 4: Obtain the Necessary Licenses & Permits:

Licensing and permit to operate a business is mandatory, however, you must check with the local authorities for details. Make sure you don’t just jump right in without knowing the ropes, or else you could face some legal trouble. Diligently apply for and obtain the right permits and licenses you’ll need, depending on your area. 

Step 5: Market Your Cleaning Business:

Marketing is the core task which will bring you, clients. To take the start, you must have flyers and business cards for your cleaning business that you can distribute to the target market.

Here are links to get some great ideas and samples for developing flyers and business cards for your cleaning business.

Marketing is probably the last step in setting up a business and the first step in running your business effectively. The more effective your marketing is and the better customer satisfaction you offer, the more clients you will get.

Step 6: Do a Quality Job and Get Reviews

The last step is a bonus because you’ll really only get to do it if you complete the previous steps. It also kind of goes hand-in-hand with marketing! One of the best ways to build credibility and a good reputation is to obtain client testimonials. 

Once you gain your first client, you’ll need to focus everything you have on making sure the job goes smoothly. After all, these are the first people to give you a chance and put their faith in your business plan. For every job, you’ll want to do the best job possible but make sure the first one above all else goes smoothly. After you build a positive relationship with the client, you can ask them for a testimonial. 

Testimonials need to be genuine, so you’ll be asking for the client’s honest feedback. If you’ve done all you can to make the job go well, chances are, it has. Don’t try to pressure or coerce a client into giving a good review, as this will have the complete opposite effect. Gain good, genuine, and informative reviews as you continue to provide quality service.


We hope that this article provided you with some insight on how to start a cleaning business from scratch in 6 steps. If you follow these guidelines, you’re on track to have clients rolling in the door for your services. Remember, good ideas don’t become successful on their own—they require lots of hard work to make happen. Best of luck, and thanks for reading.

We’ll see you next week!

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