How to Start Your Own Printed T-Shirts Business in 3 Steps

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The T-shirt printing business is one of the most popular small business ideas today; it is, in fact, a billion dollar industry at the moment, and the best thing is that it is very easy and inexpensive to setup.

The exciting T-shirt designs and the captivating phrases attract customers of all ages and gender. But that’s not the only market you may be focusing on. You can grow your printed t-shirts business into B2B direction as well, whereby you can target startups, small businesses and large enterprises to use T-Shirts as promotional products. Taking your T- Shirt printing business in this direction will help you generate more revenues with a few deals only, however, to make it happen you need to incur parallel efforts.

So, if you have plans for starting a t-shirt printing business, you must have a well-thought business plan in hand. This article will discuss the basic steps you should take in order to kick start your t-shirt printing business.

Follow these quick points and develop a successful business plan for your venture.

Step 1- Take Time to Do Your Initial Research

Yes, people of all ages and genders love printed Ts, but that’s not enough data. You must do the initial research about, what you are going to sell them and why will they buy from you (there are hundreds of other sellers, so why should they prefer your products).

Well, consider these two points and you will find the answers.

  • No one will buy your shirts if your designs don’t look good. So, make sure that you have something really cool to print.
  • Quality matters most when it comes to growing your business. This includes the quality of the t-shirts as well as the printing.

So, right in step 1, you’ve discovered that you’re going to sell high-quality unique designs!

Step 2- Gather All the Resources at One Place to Formalize Your Business Plan

As you have an objective set in step 1, you have to list all the resources required to meet this goal. Following are the TODOs that will require high priority:

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  • Register your business with local authorities. This is important because you must have a business bank account to receive electronic payments.
  • Find a supplier who supplies high-quality materials on best price.
  • Make a deal with a printer that can deliver quality, or invest in a high-quality DTG printer.  
  • You may also look for “dropshipping”. This option has some drawbacks, i.e. less profit margin, but the benefits are awesome too, i.e. they have everything from high-quality materials to high-quality printing, so you should be able to save a lot of running costs.
  • Get your website setup using appropriate e-commerce platform. You may choose to get a custom site developed by hiring a developer or alternatively, you may sell using third party platforms like Shopify.
  • Must get your social media pages activated. Hiring a freelancer, in the beginning, can be a good idea, but you must have 100% supervision.
  • Create a marketing plan with actionable items, i.e. how much you are going to spend on ads, what platforms the ads will run, how you are going to sell more items to existing customers and so on.

Before actually doing all these tasks, put things on paper, so you can be sure about meeting deadlines for each task. This is how you create a foolproof business plan.

Step 3- Start Taking Actions Based on Your Business Plan

And you are all set to have success with your T-Shirt printing business.

Make sure to measure the success/failure of your actions, and tweak your business plan accordingly.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.