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How to Start Your Own SEO Consulting Business

There’s a collective understanding that nobody wants to scroll past the first half of a search engine results page to find what they’re looking for, let alone continue onto the second page.

The internet has been ever-expanding since its establishment, now being used among countless nations and written in just as many languages. Because of this widespread adoption, websites have also grown in variety, making them less accessible due to their steadily increasing quantity and thus competition. In such a technologically ambitious climate, it is important to have individuals in every business navigate this issue through search engine optimization, or SEO consulting.

What Is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting can be understood as a form of marketing in that it promotes a company’s website to appear higher up on search engines’ search results pages and thus attracts a higher traffic volume for said company. It is, in that way, an advertisement of a business’ competency as well as accessibility. Some companies are already set up to assist any hopeful search engine optimizers in the process of consulting, providing tips, previous case studies, and even contact information for further questions or comments.

Thankfully, due to the internet’s pivotal role in a business’ success, SEO consultants are very much in demand. As more consumers use the internet, the more businesses will begin to promote themselves, and the more employees will be depended upon to triumph over the digital market.

Skills Preferred for SEO Consulting

Writers with business backgrounds are heavily sought after in this department, however those that know how to get the job done are still in the running. Here are some traits to develop and/or emphasize if you are thinking about seeking a career in the consultation of search engine optimization:

  • A knack for manipulating language.
  • Being able to research and identify a handful of keywords imperative to the website you are attempting to promote.
  • The ability to contribute helpful insight on the design of the website to maintain virtual passersby.
  • Use of alternative tags to expand possible audiences.
  • The initiative to research various search engines’ mode of operation in order to receive the best results when in compliance with them.

Make Your Consultation Stand Out

There are a number of tips and tricks to help get you started with SEO consulting. For one, updating content regularly is a key element to being success on the internet, regardless of your medium. Consistency and reliability aren’t just traits favored by employers, but by search engines and consumers alike. A similar objective to keep in mind is maintaining relevancy—for example, information with a specific date or sense of immediacy should be highlighted and accentuated.

The quality of one’s website is also vital. Particularly, a rule for any writer, (but especially for one that specializes in search engine optimization) is not to plagiarize. Plagiarism can be detected and penalized by numerous search engines, and therefore should never be your means of gaining attraction for your website.

Additionally, hyperlinks are your friends. Try to insert links to other websites with intriguing keywords, phrases, and enticing readability. Think of it as a way to form alliances.

SEO Consulting Industry Overview

Those who are interested in establishing a career in SEO consulting should know exactly what they’re in for once employed. Formal education is not vital, but highly recommended as with any business occupation. Search engine optimization is typically not a topic formally taught, but can be understood with the right research and a readiness to broach firsthand instances of trial and error. Freelance SEO consultants do exist, but as this position is already in demand for established companies, the likelihood of working in partnership with a business is high. Once employed, the average salary for an SEO consultant is generally between $40,000 and $60,000 annually.

To become an SEO consultant is to utilize the new opportunities in digital marketing produced by the age of technology. A growing number of companies are in need of those with the skills and willingness to jumpstart accessibility and broaden audiences. With the use of the internet, business workers are, now more than ever, able to showcase their creativity and innovative use of language in attracting clients and keeping them there.

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