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How To Successfully Dropship With WordPress

Starting a dropshipping business is very popular among young people who want to start a business of their own as soon as possible, but the lack of investments push them away.

Therefore a business like print on demand is perfect for entrepreneurs like this. It requires no investments upfront and the best thing is that you can start it right away, even today.

In this article, you’ll find some handy tips on how to start this kind of business and how to promote it.

1- Choose A Product You Want To Dropship

There are quite a lot of different print-on-demand products you can choose from. It could be almost anything. A few examples are mugs, pencils, phone cases, hats, pillows, and so much more – there are hundreds of options for you.

The most popular and the most trending type of dropshipping business today is print on demand t shirt printing which can be easily done on platform. Here you’ll also find long listings of products to choose from and even tips on how to start and be successful in this kind of business. This kind of information is very useful for the newbies in this field.

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2- Create A Website

After you have chosen a product you want to work with, now you’ll need a website where you’ll be selling your customized print on demand products. First, you’ll have to choose and buy a domain for your future website. You can choose anything you want, just make sure it isn’t taken already, make it short, understandable, and easy to remember.

If you encounter a situation where your desired domain is taken – just choose another. But just in case it is too hard for you to let go of the name you created, you can always contact the person or company who owns the domain and re-purchase it from them.

After the domain is ready to be used, choose a template for your new e-store and start uploading your products. Just make sure the design is simplistic, easy to use, user-friendly and responsive.

3- Create Facebook And Instagram Pages

All print on demand products are highly customizable, therefore you won’t do with your business as good as if you had Facebook and Instagram pages. Mastering marketing might seem overwhelming for some, but these social media platforms are a great place to start. This is the most efficient way for you to reach your target audience by using these social media platform and earn more profits.

Image credit: Jakob Owens

When you create a Facebook page, do not forget to add “Shop” section to it. This way you will have a virtual e-store on Facebook as well. Here people will be able to see your products very visually and also see the prices. Also, do not be frugal on Facebook advertisement. Especially if you choose a very niche segment, like baby clothing, there is no easier way to choose target audience segmentation than via Facebook Ads Manager.

Also, don’t forget Instagram – it’s a very visual social media platform which is great for clothing or other advertisement. Instagram is said to be the fastest growing platform today – so you need to make sure you take a chance on it. Who knows, if your business really goes well, you might consider to try out the influencer marketing one day. And here are some additional tips to master Instagram marketing for good.

4- Focus On Order Forms And Customer Support

High-quality customer support is important in any kind of business because the customers tend to be very needy and inpatient nowadays – they want to get their product as fast as possible.

To make the sales process faster both for you and your customers, you should add order forms and wordpress contact forms on your website – can offer really good ones that were made by real professionals.

If you are still wondering why you need these forms, here’s why. An order form will eliminate the process of emailing you when wanting to order a t-shirt from you. This will make both the customer and you happy. The customer will receive the product faster and you’ll receive profits faster. A contact form will ensure a faster and more efficient process of communication between you and your client because chat windows are impossible to answer 24/7.


The Bottom Line:

Dropshipping is the business model with which you can build a million dollar online store in under $1000. However, you need to spend time and effort to turn your idea into a full fledged business.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.