how to post same content on all social networks
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How to Tweak Same Content for Posting on All Social Networks

Sharing the right type of content on each social network is an essential of a successful content strategy.

The fact is that you cannot simply copy and paste same stuff on all social network! So the question is; how to share same content on multiple social networks?

how to post same content on all social networks

You must understand that each social network is different; and to better understand this difference, I’ll quote Guy Kawasaki’s explanation here:

According to him;

Facebook is for communicating with those with whom you already have some connection.

Twitter is for building visibility and reputation among those who don’t know you.

Google+ is for sharing your passions with others who have the same passions.

Pinterest is all about beautiful images and finding great stuff.

LinkedIn is to position yourself as a serious person and influencer.

The illustrations below by explains it all:

Know the audience:

who is on each social network

And know what they get engaged more with:

what type of content to post on each social network

So, you understood your audience and their developments first and then you have developed a masterpiece of content and you have to get the maximum exposure for it. In order to get maximum targeted exposure for your content, you must share it on each network with correct message.

The masterpiece on your website remains intact; the only thing you need to tweak is the message that you will post on each social network with link to your content.

Here’s how to do it in accordance with the difference we discussed above:


Bring you message to a human level by mixing it up with real-life experiences, i.e. build a relationship between real life stuff and your content.

Viral Facebook posts are generally the ones that sound “casual” and have a “fun” element.


For Twitter, you have a few words to speak it up, i.e. if your first few words are not interesting, people will simply ignore it. The message should be short and concise and should also invoke curiosity or urgency towards the link. Tweets with images prove to have higher click through rate and you can add the very same image as of Facebook, Linkedin, or Pinterest.


To share your content on Google+, include a touch of passion and thought provocation in your message and off course image is a must.


It’s all about image, and the image should be a bait, i.e. have a preview of the content which must urge them to click!


I read somewhere to “dress your content up in a suit for Linked”, and it’s a must I think! Do add your own opinion and the reason for sharing the link!

It’s not necessary that your business model needs working on all social media platforms, i.e. figure out your target audience on each network and prioritize accordingly. Give more efforts to the social network that has more of your audience!

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