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How to Use Event Apps to Engage Your Startup Team Effectively

A startup team is not like a typical corporate enterprise team where they have to follow the standard operating procedures for everything. Rather, a startup requires team of passionate individuals, who have their own creative thinking, are self motivated and may have skills and expertise that may not compliment each other.

Such a dynamic team is certainly a key to overall startup growth, but managing this diverse team can be a challenge. This is why you must use apps, especially the event apps that can help you engage your startup team in healthy and productive activities.

A digital app where everyone can see their schedule, chat with each other and send updates to the whole group can speed up the process while eliminating the need of one person to do a lot of non-productive tasks like communicating individually with each member. Event apps like MeetApp are hugely useful for team leaders to organize any kind of regular community group – not just for one-off events!

Find out all about event apps, what the app is for, and what makes them amazing for unifying your team and creating community spirit.

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So, here’s what you can improve using MeetApp.

1- Schedules & Calendars

Event apps have a calendar page as standard where you can plan your team’s schedule at the click of a button. This could be a handy homepage for your team to show all your training and events dates at a glance, preventing inconvenient no-shows to practice.

This is an amazing way to organize everybody before meetings and events, so that everyone knows which dates they should turn up for team meets.

2- Notifications & Latest Info

Need to postpone a session, or let your group know that plans have changed? No need to call everyone individually – simply send them a push notification on your app. Participants will receive an instant notification to their smartphone, so they don’t turn up for a meeting when it’s not on.

Use this handy function to convey the latest information to your team. For example, if you are managing a remote team who meets once in a week to catch up on project status, and there’s an urgent need of meetup, this is a great way to  let everyone know instantly!

This feature is great for use before or after any event – the beauty is that the team leader can send notifications at any time.

3- Polls & Feedback

Want to know what your group loved about your recent strategy meeting? Or how they think the recent volleyball match could have gone better? Send a quiz or poll to all your team members after an event to gain valuable feedback on how you can do better next time and make things great for everyone in the team.

This function also means that members can send comments and suggestions. The feedback can be sent anonymously without the whole team seeing – it’s only seen by the leader. This means that everyone feels their input is heard, and that you as the leader are aware of any problems within the team.

4- Sponsor Your Team

Does your team have a sponsor? In case of a non-profit, you should have some for sure. Advertise them on your app! Use splash screens, sponsored notifications and banners to show off your sponsor and monetize your app.

This is beneficial for all parties – your team is notified of their amazing sponsorship deal, you gain a fee, and your sponsor gains promotion. With the fees from your sponsorship, your group or team gets cash for activities or funding for upcoming events.

5-  Team Chat

Create a private chat room for your group to send messages to each other at any time outside of meetings. This can be used for members to arrange carpools to meetings, come up with ideas for sessions, and ask questions to be answered communally.

The chat feature can be used however you like, facilitating bonding and community engagement before and after any event to enhance team spirit.


Key Takeaway:

Startup teams are highly dynamic and super creative, but to make them highly productive, you must engage them in an efficient manner.

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