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How to Use Online Opt-Ins for an Instant Increase in Sales

The saying goes that money is in the list. This cannot be more true for any website owner that uses their website to generate sales.

An effective way to grow your email list and see an instant increase in sales by using online opt-ins strategically throughout your website.

In this article, we’ll show you how online opt-ins can help you increase sales.

How to Use Online Opt-In Forms for an Instant Increase in Sales

Online opt-in forms come in many different forms: from notification bars at the very top of your website, sidebar opt-in forms, inline opt-in forms to slide-in forms and pop-ups.

While you can certainly implement all of them, doing so would have the opposite effect and send your readers running for the hills.

online opt ins

Instead we will focus on using a few of the opt-in form types that are quite effective at increasing sales without overwhelming your website visitors.


Pop-up Forms

Pop-up signup forms are everywhere. You’d be hard pressed to find a website thaot’s not using them and for a good reason: they are a proven method to generate more email subscribers.

Pop-up forms can be displayed in several ways, based on visitor’s actions. They can be:

Timed-Based – your pop-up form shows up after a predetermined amount of time, usually 60 seconds which is effective because you’re showing to someone who has been engaged with your website for a while. Since they are already engaged, they are more likely to sign up

Content-Based – your pop-up will only show on specified pages.

Scroll-Based – shows up when a user has scrolled down a specific percentage of the way down your page. It’s commonly used on blogs and like time-based pop-ups, you can rely on the fact that a visitor has been engaged with your website

Exit-Intent – shows up when a visitor is about to leave your site. Exit-Intent technology usually tracks the movement of the cursor and when it detects the user moving the mouse outside the page area, it will trigger the pop-up form. Considered to be the most effective type of opt-in form

Pop-Out – this version of the opt-in form pops out of the side of the browser but still allows the visitor to continue browsing.

popup form

Besides collecting email addresses, you can use pop-up forms in various ways to increase sales.

  • Offer an exclusive discount with a time-based pop-up
  • Use scroll based pop-up to offer free shipping when a user has scrolled down a certain percentage of your website
  • Use exit-intent pop-up to remind the visitor they still have items in their cart
  • Use a pop-out form to show a related product on the check-out page


Notification Bar

A notification bar comes in two forms:

A header bar – placed at the very top of your website and stays there no matter how far down your page the user scrolls

A footer bar – placed at the very bottom of your website

notification bars

It’s not as obtrusive as the pop-up form but can still produce great results. It can be used to invite your users to visit your online store by inserting a link to your shop page or similarly to the pop-up form it can be used to offer an exclusive discount to those who sign up for your email list.


Two-Step Opt-In Form

It has been proven many times that we have a strong urge to be consistent. Once we start doing something, we have a strong tendency to finish it. This principle can be used effectively to increase sales by making use of two-step opt-in forms.

The way to do this is to create a clickable button on your website that prompts the user to take the action. Since a button looks a lot less intimidating than handing over your email address, your visitors will be more inclined to click on it. Once they do, the button will trigger an opt-in form which can be used to offer a coupon code or a free shipping in exchange for their email address.

This button can be included anywhere on your website, like your single product pages, or even your check-out page.

As you can see, opt-in forms can be used quite effectively to not only grow your email list, but to increase your revenue and boost your sales.
How will you implement opt-in forms to see an instant increase in sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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