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How To Use TikTok To Increase Your Brand Awareness

Like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, TikTok is a social media portal that aims to connect people around the globe into a single app. Note that each social media platform tends to have its unique offerings, and, for TikTok, that’s videos.

But, unlike other sites, like YouTube, TikTok limits users to upload and view videos up to a maximum of one minute. Thus, it can be an excellent tool to get TikTok likes to promote brand awareness by delivering short yet concise videos. Continue reading to know how you can increase your brand’s awareness through this social media portal.


1. Get Verified

Perhaps, you’ve already seen a small checkmark beside some usernames on TikTok. This symbol signifies that the social media portal has already verified their accounts.

Getting your account verified presents, other users, with credibility, allowing your target audience to trust your brand more than before. However, it might be challenging to have your account verified if you don’t know the process.

Here are some TikTok verification tips of 2021 you should consider:

  • Consistent rise in follower growth
  • Media coverage
  • Several viral videos in your account
  • Verified accounts on other social media platforms

You may submit a recommendation to the app’s developers to have your account verified. But, this trait might not be something you have complete control over. Hence, try not to focus on the verification status too much. Instead, focus on consistently producing viral content to ensure other TikTok users can see your brand’s offerings. You may also click here to check other useful tips to help with your account’s verification.

2. Use Paid Ads

Much like Facebook and Instagram, TikTok also allows users to take advantage of paid advertising options to promote their brands. Various brands, regardless of size, tend to use paid ads to help boost the reach of their offerings. However, the minimum advertising campaign for this particular social media platform is USD$500. Moreover, the ad group budget is USD$50, which means the portal can’t play your ads if you go below this amount.

Therefore, it might be best to consider this option only if you already have sufficient capital to spend on a social media marketing campaign. Taking advantage of paid ads might be one of your social media marketing essentials, but think about other options if it seems like the financial risks are currently high with this choice.

3. Host Hashtag Challenges

The seemingly endless pursuit of scrolling down your ‘For You’ page on TikTok might present you with some hashtag challenges. For example, some users might insist other users to duet with them about a particular topic. Then, those individuals might tell other people to use a certain hashtag on their video descriptions.

Use hashtag challenges to help promote your brand across this social media platform. Tell users to participate in your challenges while following a set of rules.

For example, you may use the #InMyCloset hashtag to promote your brand. Tell new and existing followers to use the hashtag to show their closets on this social media. Then, check the hashtag after a given period to pick a random winner. The said winner will receive a prize from your brand, and it might be anything from a discount voucher to a free item or service.

You may also use an original sound that goes with your chosen hashtag. Therefore, people can click the link on the sound to find your original video of the challenge. Then, the initial clip may contain a link to merchandise from your brand to help you get extra sales while promoting your brand. 

4. Take Advantage Of Cross-Platform Promotion

TikTok makes it relatively easy to promote content across other social media platforms. Use this feature to your advantage by sharing your content to your other social media accounts. Once you upload your video on TikTok, share it to other platforms by clicking on the ‘Share’ icon that looks like an arrow pointing to the right. From here, you can choose the social media account that will publish the clip.

But, note that TikTok shows videos on a 16:9 aspect ratio. Keep that information in mind when you share content with other social media platforms as they might show videos with different aspect ratios. In particular, Instagram shows videos with a 4:5 aspect ratio.


Summing It Up

Getting your account verified, using paid ads, hosting hashtag challenges, and using cross-platform promotion on TikTok may help increase your brand’s awareness. Remember, stay consistent with the uploads in this social media platform. Otherwise, your target audience might question your absence and proceed on transferring their interests to your competitors.

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