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How to Win Over Customers in the Digital Age

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This year, more than any other year in our history has seen companies and consumers go online more than ever before. People spend more time on their devices than ever before. This has affected the way businesses get, keep, and communicate with customers drastically.

We are now living in an almost fully digital age, where online sales account for at least 25% of all commerce. This is a new change to many of us, and you may well be thinking about upping your online customer base or digital customer communication. In this article, we will explain some great tricks and hacks shared by professionals to help you learn how to win over customers in this digital age.

win customer

Digital Marketing

One of the most important things to factor into your business as you grow into a bigger online presence is a digital marketing campaign. If you are not experienced, research digital marketing or hire yourself a marketing team.

They will assist you in moving all of your existing marketing ideas online, as well as help you develop new ideas and campaigns. But if you want a more guaranteed way to attract clients and experience the benefits of the variety of marketing techniques. The decades of the agency’s expertise can clearly not be given by the internal marketing team. You can get a free proposal from a Michigan marketing firm to start your journey. 

Digital marketing involves utilizing all the appropriate online channels, social media, search engine optimization, and ad campaigns to ensure the right customers see your products and services. There are a lot of powerful algorithms at play online, and using those to your advantage can drop your product right in the lap of the most appropriate potential consumers, without feeling too invasive.

Text Them!

Once you have drawn more customers to your business you need ways to keep in touch with them or make them feel secure and safe using your business. One of the great ways to do this is with a text messaging service. The experts at told us that “a text messaging service for notifications, security, or confirmations has been proven to improve customer satisfaction and return customer rate” which sounds pretty great to us! Using a service like this can notify customers of deliveries or progress of an order, send receipts and order confirmations, and even assist with security or two-factor authentication. These things provide transparency and security to your digital customers.

Be Active on Social Media

If you aren’t already on social media, you need to be. No matter what the business, whether you’re buying, selling, helping, or informing, you must be on social media. Not just on social media, but actively engaging with your social media following. You may have a follower list of 50 or 50,000, but either way, you should engage, respond, and discuss with your customers regularly. When a customer sends you a direct message or comments on a post you should reply. When you reply don’t just say ‘thank you’ or ‘glad you liked it’, but instead reply with real engaging comments. This shows personality through your interactions and helps to remind customers that there’s a real person behind the account. The same goes for negative comments or complaints. Always reply, be real, and encourage resolution.

win customer

Mailing Lists and Instant Messaging

You may think mailing lists are super outdated, but they are in fact still very useful and successful tools. Parallel to this, you now have the option of instant messaging across social media platforms. Both can be used for similar reasons. The most obvious is to update your customer base about things you think they may be interested in. Click-through levels from these sorts of messages are surprisingly high, still, especially when targeted at the right audience. As well as updates, you can also use these features to talk with your customer base. You can send your customers surveys, ask for reviews, and solve any problems they may have. Again, this shows personality and helps keep customers engaged and excited about your business.

Use and Monitor Review Sites

Finally, but just as crucially, you must always be using and monitoring all the top review sites. Firstly, make sure your business is visible on every site with pictures and proper contact details. Once the reviews start flowing, keep on top of them. Good and bad reviews should be replied to. If good, thank the customer and say you’d love to do business with them again. If bad, apologize, offer your email to discuss the issues, and potentially offer a replacement or a perk to encourage them to come back. These review sites are very powerful in aiding consumers’ decision making so make sure you are keeping an eye on them regularly.

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With these tools and tips, you will no doubt be much better at both getting and holding onto customers in the digital sphere. Give them a try and watch as you win over those customers. Good luck with your business and your digital progression!

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