How to Write an Employee Handbook

Many times, startups do not consider the importance of employee handbooks; but they actually affect the culture and the foundation on which you are going to build your company. If a company does not have clearly defined policies, i.e., an employee handbook, then it’s very much anticipated that the employees will eventually make up their own policies.

An employee handbook does not just help in training your employees, and provide guidance to employees regarding how to conduct themselves at work but also protects the business owner against employee disputes and lawsuits. So, it’s an essential for a startup to have employee handbook.

To start writing an employee handbook for your company, first you need to decide what you want in the manual. You need to be clear what you want to convey, and it needs to be consistency and simply.

The arrangement of the content is generally effected according to thematic aspects and often chronologically. An essential feature of manuals is systematic classification.

With a few easy steps, you can write employee handbook for your business, without someone to write it for rent do for you and with a cost produced thousands of dollars adjusted manual. Be yourself, you can significantly reduce the cost and have more power over what is and is not included.

how to write an employee handbook

The structure : 

For the development of a manual structure should be designed simple and clear. A possible outline for a manual can be designed in two parts. In the first part of the material of knowledge can be presented thematically and listed alphabetically, in the second part of the author can then insert instructions, work instructions, checklists and forms.

Especially with scientific topics or themes that repeatedly are subject to change due to new information or new guidelines, it may be useful to write the handbook as a loose-leaf collection.

Load an employee handbook template: 

By using a template, you will drastically reduce the time it takes for you to write the employee handbook. Most employee handbooks contain the same basic information, so it makes sense to use a template. To get your employee handbook template, go to HR Heroes and click on the link “Employee Handbook Document”. Once on the next page you will find different types of employee handbooks for selection are given. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your business.


Customize your employee handbook.

After selecting the employee handbook template that suits your needs, you can customize it to fit the specifics of your business. Start with the personal mission statement of your business.

Are all of your business policy, including the payment, leave policies and attendance policies?

Review your customized employee handbook.

Look for misspellings and clarify anything that could be ambiguous. For further proofreading needs, you should have a website like In this book, they will read your work with a fast turnaround and low prices correction.

Get a lawyer to read your employee handbook.

In some countries, there are aspects in an employee handbook that must be covered by the law. A lawyer can make sure that everything is determined by law and to ensure that the wording used, you are covered adequately for an employee handbook.

Proofreading your customized book:

Search Typographical errors and something that might clarify ambiguous.

Get a lawyer about your employee handbook to read. 

In some countries, there are aspects in an employee handbook that must be covered by the law. A lawyer can make sure that you have covered everything that is required by law and ensure that the wording that you used is appropriate for an employee handbook make.