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How Walking to Work Can Boost Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you don’t live close to your place of work, then walking to work is hardly ever an option. However, if you live within biking or walking distance to your workplace, you should consider ditching the taxi or bus and instead take to the streets.

Walking to work has many amazing benefits for every working individual, but it’s more beneficial for entrepreneurs and startup owners because it boosts your performance which contributes to the growth of your business. Walking to work is not only good for you, but also for the environment!

Your mind, body, and bank account will all enjoy benefits. So, it is time to consider making the switch and see the difference it can make.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

1- Improved Physical Fitness

Walking is a great cardio workout that does not require you to sweat it out at the gym. Walking fast enough to increase your temperature, rate of breathing, and heart rate, means that you will enjoy the same kind of benefits as you would running on a treadmill. Within a short time, you will discover that you no longer feel as worn out when you arrive at work, and will be able to burn more energy than during your commute on public transport.

2- Fewer Health Problems

Walking, as with other forms of exercise, will help you stay in shape, and in turn, lower your risk of developing some obesity-related conditions. From coronary heart disease and diabetes to cholesterol and high blood pressure, even a simple walk to your place of work and back will strengthen the heart and keep you healthy.

3- More ‘Alone’ Time

If you are the person that loves complaining about lacking enough time to work out, walking to work is the perfect solution. Instead of having to use your spare time to go for a run or visit the gym, exercise will become a regular part of your daily routine. Besides cycling to work, there is no way to exercise that’s more convenient. So, just get a comfortable pair of shoes like these Revitalign sandals and start walking to work.

4- Improved Mental Well-being

The benefits of exercise including walking for mental health have been extensively documented. Scientists say that physical activity causes chemical changes in the brain such as the release of endorphins that can charge your mood in a positive way. This will in turn impact your self-esteem and level of motivation positively thus boosting your energy levels.

Walking also has the potential to make you more mindful. If you are not in a taxi or on the bus or looking down at a screen, it becomes easier to pay closer attention to the things around you, often discovering things or sides of the area you live that you had not discovered yet.

5- Lowers levels of Stress

The University of East Anglia conducted research a few years ago that found that besides increasing the general well-being, walking to work can even help you feel less stressed. According to the research, the people that made the switch of their commute from public transport to cycling or walking actually found it easier to concentrate and they felt like they were under less stress than previously.

6- Time for Organizing Your Mind

Walking to work is simply the best time to meditate on a problem. Walking gives you more time to think but in the absence of the additional pressure of office surroundings making it the best time to organize your mind before getting to work. You never know, you could end up discovering a long-awaited solution for a burning problem at work.

7- Saving Money

You might be surprised at just how much money you could save if you opt to walk to work. The money you would normally set aside as fare for public transport or even the cost of a gym membership. Over time, it will all add up, and you might even save money on a bike in your company is part of the Bike2Work Scheme.

So, it is time to consider making the switch and see the difference it can make. Before even considering it, make sure that your feet are equipped with ample support and protection to prevent further injuries. Head over to ShoeAdviser and check out the best and most comfortable walking shoes from one of the known shoe brands of today.

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