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How to Make Money Fast (Hvordan Tjene Penger Raskt)

Earning side income can be an effective way of padding your emergency fund or paying down credit card debt. But how can you quickly make some extra cash?

Sell Your Clothes

If you own high-end clothing that has become outdated, selling it online could bring in significant amounts. Before listing designer handbags and vintage Chanel suits for sale online, be mindful of fees and shipping costs that will eat into profits.

If your clothing is in excellent condition and in demand, selling it through websites or apps could earn at least several hundred dollars per item. It’s one of the best ways hvordan tjene penger fort, according to recent studies. Both provide white-glove service that collects from home for convenient sale of clothes.

Other worthwhile resale apps will act as your online marketplace for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing that allow you to list multiple items at the same time; shipping labels can be prepaid and created by you (or usually the company of your choice) to streamline shipping.

Mercari is another user-friendly resale app with low shipping fees (you pay the cost of the label). You can list anything from women’s, men’s and kids’ brands to shoes, accessories, and home goods on this platform; additionally, there’s even an instant Buy It Now option so you can set a price and sell immediately.

Also, if you are searching for an easy and quick way to earn extra money without leaving the comfort of your own home, keep in mind that online surveys offer a great solution! Many survey sites pay out in gift cards that you can redeem once reaching a minimum threshold amount – signing up with multiple sites increases earnings exponentially!

Sell Your Old Phone or Tablet

No matter whether it’s for passing down to a child, as an emergency backup device or simply not needing it anymore, there are ways to monetize an old smartphone and turn it into some cash. One simple approach would be selling it through one of several used smartphone-buying companies – they should give an estimated value online by answering just a few simple questions before sending you payment when the device has been received and inspected.

If you prefer doing it all yourself, consider selling your old phone through an auction or classified listing site such as eBay or Craigslist. This method might take more work and be slightly more complicated than alternatives such as auction houses.

Before selling an old device, ensure it has been completely backed up and erased of any personal information. Next, research comparable models online and see what similar prices they are going for. If possible, locate original box and accessories if available as these will boost your offer if found.

Otherwise try finding generic charger and cable combinations which could still be sold separately if this fails. It might even be worthwhile reboxing it before sending it to buyers as this will make it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to ship.

Start a Side Hustle

There are multiple strategies for starting side hustles that you can read about here to make quick money fast – each requiring different levels of time and effort but all offering substantial returns in return. Before embarking on any side hustle, ensure it fits with your skill set and interests.

Also create a business plan and establish realistic goals; big dreams are fine but being overambitious right from the beginning is unwise; instead focus on meeting smaller milestones regularly instead of striving for excellence at once. Once you’ve gained one paying customer, try to turn them into repeat buyers by building repeat services for each one of them.

Side hustles offer more than supplemental income and career development; they can open doors that otherwise wouldn’t exist for you. Many have discovered that side gigs have led to new employment opportunities, surprising relationships and lifelong friendships.

If your side hustle is expected to generate significant funds, consider creating a legal entity to protect against liability. Your options for legal structures could include sole proprietorship (in which only one individual is personally responsible), LLC or corporation. Once chosen, Next Insurance offers personalized small business coverage plans designed specifically to fit your needs and budget

When you’ve gotten that small amount of dough back in your hands, remember that stores compete to attract shoppers – so do some comparison shopping by looking at weekly ads from competing grocers, wholesale clubs, discount stores and dollar shops in your area.

Consider shopping online using cash-back apps to make shopping even more cost effective, and remember some retailers use dynamic pricing that adapts product prices based on real-time supply and demand, your browsing history, and loyalty programs offering discounts or coupons, plus January and September being prime sales periods – something to keep in mind.

Sell… Well, Anything!

Craigslist can be an effective way to quickly dispose of old items while making some extra cash. No matter if its clothes, furniture, or cars – selling it all on Craigslist couldn’t be simpler; so by following these quick, easy tips you will save thousands by selling stuff on the platform.

When listing items for sale on Craigslist, don’t forget to include any accessories that go along with them; this will attract more potential buyers and lower your selling costs significantly. Also don’t set a deadline that is too close; having an alternative plan if your items don’t sell (e.g. hosting a garage sale or donating them) may help save lots of money by selling on Craigslist.

Speaking of “stuff”, many people mistakenly believe that saving lots of money requires making sacrifices in terms of small pleasures or their beloved “stuff”, but that doesn’t have to be true. Instead of simply forgoing all pleasures, one way of cutting costs and saving is becoming smarter in how we spend our money.

Start by reviewing all nonessential expenses and looking for areas to cut, such as dining out, entertainment, memberships and gifts. Next, look into ways you can lower bills while increasing income; perhaps through negotiation for a raise or side gig (this can make a significant difference in savings!). Finally, think about shopping sale items or using cash-back apps when possible.

Make Financially Sound Decisions

Many people struggle to save due to debt. If this is your situation, taking steps immediately to pay down that debt ( can create room in your budget for savings. Avoid brand name products when possible to help ease savings efforts, like medicine, staple foods, cleaning supplies and paper products. Generic versions often cost much less and work just as effectively.


If you find yourself making impulse purchases, using the 24-hour rule as an antidote may help curb unnecessary spending and help save more in the process. Not only that, but saving money can help create greater financial security. Eliminating non-essential expenses such as streaming services, gym memberships and impulse shopping is an excellent place to begin saving.

Keep an eye out for cash-back apps that offer rewards for purchases such as groceries and gasoline that you make regularly with low minimum redemption amounts. Use browser extensions like Honey to quickly locate coupons for both in-store purchases and online ones, saving both time and money with each transaction. Instantaneous savings results can motivate you to achieve long-term savings goals more easily.

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