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5 Hygiene Products You Need in Every Washroom

Shared washroom providers can face many difficulties, from meeting cleaning schedules to maintaining cleanliness, and finding products that can handle a high number of people without breaking down.

5 Hygiene Products You Need in Every Washroom

However, choosing the right equipment can help you to overcome these issues; so what equipment should every shared washroom have in it?  We’ve narrowed it down to five items we consider essential.

Toilet Paper

This may seem obvious, but modern washrooms now have a wide range of toilet paper systems to choose from, as illustrated by companies such as Satino by WEPA. Choosing the right toilet paper and suitable dispenser is critical.

Factors such as traffic volume and cubicle space for sitting the dispenser will impact your choice of format and design for both paper and dispenser. Your options even go as far as opting for either small or jumbo rolls for center feed roll dispensers -where one or more rolls are held- and the user pulls off the required amount as they need it.

Alternatively, you may decide you prefer individual sheet toilet paper. If so, you’ll be faced with a wide choice of dispenser designs and volumes. Whichever format you prefer, you will also find recycled paper ranges available and secure units with anti-theft protection measures to ensure that your choice stays in situ.

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Paper Towels

Paper towels offer the safest, most hygienically recognized method of hand drying for any washroom. They are known to more effectively reduce the spread of germs and viruses when compared to air dryers. The rubbing action of hands with towels can also remove additional grime or germs that may remain after washing.

With that in mind, choosing paper towels means facing similar options to choosing toilet paper, in that you can have continuous rolls or individual sheets.

Both of these choices allow for variances in user numbers and offer a selection of unit sizes and dispensing capabilities. Again, paper towels are often manufactured with recycled materials for the environmentally conscious among us.


Handwashing is now even more of a priority than it once was. Providing suitable handwashing facilities in a washroom that can handle the increased use and the extra demand for soap could mean that older systems are not up to the job.

The good news is that modern units can take repeated use reliably, meeting the users’ need to have hygienic access to handwashing facilities. It is also no longer appropriate to use bar soaps shared by many people. They do not meet the public need for germ-free, safe use.

Hygienic shared washrooms should contain a dispenser and liquid or foam soap and even Goat Milk Soap to ensure safe handwashing facilities no matter how many users. Dispensers can be activated by a single lever or automatic sensor and filled with a range of eco-friendly soap or soap-free foam and liquid soap options.

Waste Bin

It is most definitely no longer appropriate to use an old wire bin stuck in a corner. Modern units offer safe, hygienic disposal of waste products.

With free-standing and wall-mounted options to ensure that you get the best fit and capacity for your washroom, you can ensure that germs and viruses are contained. With locking options and covered waste bag inserts, they help provide the hygienic waste storage that every washroom should have.

Air Freshener

No matter how clean your washroom, you will inevitably have smells, and they may be unpleasant. Using an air freshener is a great way to mask these.

With modern hygienic dispensing units and gels and oil fresheners in amazing aromas available, you need not sacrifice the beauty, hygiene, or smell of your washroom.


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