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How to Start an iGaming Affiliate Business in Canada

The online gambling industry is growing at a significantly high rate in North America. However, the Canadian gambling market remains a grey area with strict laws regulating the activity.

How to Start an iGaming Affiliate Business in Canada

While it’s legal for Canadians to play at online casinos, the law does not allow operators to launch online gambling sites within some regions in Canada.

The majority of virtual casino operators are based in regulated jurisdictions like Gibraltar, the UK, and Malta. Most of these operators allow Canadian players to open an account and play at their casinos.

Operators licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission are also known to accept Canadian gamblers.

With the growing appetite for iGaming in Canada, there are thousands of business opportunities for any individual willing to venture into this promising market.

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Below are some tips on how to start and run a successful iGaming affiliate enterprise in Canada.

The iGaming Affiliate Opportunity

As the iGaming industry evolves, there are more business opportunities for affiliate marketers. Less strict gambling jurisdictions have already implemented requirements and regulations for affiliates willing to acquire gambling licenses.

In Canada, you will not need to obtain an affiliate iGaming license. However, publishers must ensure that they adopt a responsible strategy and meet high industry standards on their own accord.

To get it right within the Canadian market, you must ensure that the players are well educated on the online gambling sector and are well protected while playing at your establishment. The key success factors:

  1. Invest in player education. You want to make sure that the players understand the online gambling market, including finding reputable gambling sites like those listed on Online-gambling.com’s Canadian page.
  2. Offers your clients access to trusted iGaming sites that accept Canadian players

In addition, you will have to maintain the high standards of responsible gambling practiced in other jurisdictions such as the UK. Below are some things you might consider doing before launching your iGaming affiliate business in Canada.

Conduct Thorough Research

You do not want to venture into business blindly, without an idea of what to expect, anticipate, prepare for, and so forth. If you were to take that approach, you might not be well-positioned to cope with the challenges along the journey.

Gathering the relevant information and analyzing it will help you understand how to implement a successful business strategy. Research is vital in every business venture. The aim is to understand the product that you are seeking to promote.

Platforms such as online casinos offer a myriad of products and services. Having a clear understanding of each product will inform your idea of what resources and channels to deploy. Well-conducted research will also help distinguish between reputable casinos and those with a bad reputation.

Focus on Quality

To succeed as an affiliate partner in the Canadian iGaming industry, you will have to offer premium-quality products and services. Achieving that objective might cost you a little bit more, but that’s an inevitable cost of business.

The idea is to attract and retain customers who will come back for more and recommend their buddies to your enterprise. Offering high-quality products and services means partnering with the best and most reliable iGaming companies.

Besides that, you will have to create quality and useful content for your site’s visitors. The content has to be attractive, delightful, and engaging, lest you suffer low website traffic, high bounce rates, and low conversion rates.

Focus On Users

Most affiliates often make the mistake of focusing on content alone. Do not fall for this pitfall. You want to be certain that your content is useful and valuable to your website visitors. To help you with that, try answering this question: How does the brand or product you are promoting help your visitors?

The first step is to understand the problems that your target audience is facing. From there, you can then figure out the best solution to those problems. That way, you will have to capture their attention and, most importantly, it’s your suitable time to lend them to opt for your products and services.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Marketing plays a significant role in any affiliate program or strategy. How you conduct your marketing will often determine whether your business will be a success or not. Luckily enough, there are a plethora of marketing channels that you can leverage.

When conducting your research, you must establish channels that are preferred among your target audience. Social media platforms serve as great marketing platforms. By creating a digital footprint on these platforms, you will build a reputation for your brand and yourself.

Some of the best social media platforms to leverage today include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and any other relevant channel. Facebook is the best platform to start with because it has the largest audience.

Set Out Your Terms and Conditions

iGaming platforms will always come with strict terms and conditions for users. You will need to get your head around these terms of services to make sure that your clients are well informed and protected.

Some players struggle with understanding how the T&Cs work. As an iGaming affiliate, you must make the terms are clear to your customer base. Present the information in a manner that is easier to understand for your users.

To achieve this, you might want to dedicate one of your web pages to a detailed breakdown of the important terms and conditions. If you are promoting casino bonuses, you want to state the attached bonus rules clearly.

Only Work with Reputable Brands

As previously mentioned, quality is king in any business. iGaming affiliates should only partner with trustworthy industry leaders that accept Canadian players. You might check whether the brand is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission.


You want to make sure that your clients are receiving the best iGaming experience and are well protected. In unregulated iGaming markets, trust is a big issue, and as such, partnering with irrefutable brands might hurt your trust among players.


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