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iGaming Legalization In The USA: Benefits & Drawbacks

Online gambling has been legalized in most parts of the world due to its immense popularity worldwide. Most of Asia and Europe have laws that legalize gambling, making it more official. While on the other hand, the USA had qualms about legalizing gambling.

Yet, the huge profits earned through the industry and the peer pressure from other countries have led the US to take steps to legalize gambling. Starting with the state of Delaware, gambling is fully practiced in some states of the US and 48 states have legalized gambling to some extent. Now, these states can lawfully enjoy all forms of gambling including online poker, slots, and more. 

However, the legalizations have some hidden agendas and they have their respective benefits and drawbacks. So, we can analyze if legal gambling in the US has more advantages or disadvantages.

Advantages of Legal Gambling In The US

Lawful gambling is definitely more beneficial in the long run. Rather than illegal gambling, legal gambling has a just and fair system of regulation and steps to limit excess gambling. There is a long list of advantages and below you can see some of them:

Better Player Protection

One concern about gambling that always remains is the issue of safety. The safety of their players can be guaranteed by certain US casinos that are based abroad, but not all of them can. For instance, US operators on Casino Gap often accept UK players and are licensed by independent authorities and they can offer secure gameplay for players. 

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Legal gambling protects the interest of the players since they have the option of encryption and are licensed by Gambling Commissions so adherence to player protection regulations is a must. Legal gambling also makes sure the deposits of the players are kept secure and the banking proofs are not leaked anywhere. They also let players withdraw safely by verifying their identities. 

Organizations such as eCORBA labs, GamCare, and Gaming Laboratories make sure that gaming is fair and lawful and that nobody gets additional benefits by cheating.

More Revenue and Employment

The gambling industry as a whole is a highly profitable industry that earns millions in revenue per year. With the first introduction of online gambling in the country, an amount of $800 billion was generated cumulatively by 1998. It is a good way to get taxes to supply the government with the implementation of a better lifestyle.

On that note, legalizing casinos also helps increase employment rates in the country. Demand for online casinos creates a demand for programmers, developers, visual artists, graphic designers, and marketing teams while land-based casinos create demand for hosts, dealers, slot attendants, cashiers, and more.

Reducing Chances of Falling Prey To Illegal Gambling

The land-based casinos can be verified easily through an examination of the services provided. The reputation factor also comes into play with these casinos but in the case of online gambling, it is difficult to identify legitimate gambling sites and people often fall prey to harmful sites.

Making gambling legal makes identification easier since these sites have a badge of verification or licensing on the upper part of the website. Thus, illegal casinos have a reduced chance of fooling people. 

Disadvantages of Legal Gambling

Although legal gambling has a huge number of American benefits, there are certain drawbacks too of them. They are:

Excess of Gambling Advertisements

With legalization comes the mass promotion of gambling through advertisements. Casino sites will try to make gambling look as attractive as they can to get more interest and more users.

Yet this promotion may have adverse effects on underage people. The extreme temptation may lead them to practice underage gambling which is both illegal and harmful to them. Multiple teens have been caught up in the dangers of gambling due to worldwide advertisements. 

Gambling Addiction

Legalizing gambling gives a free rein to users to play on casino sites and invest in them. This leads to a compulsive gambling addiction which is probably one of the biggest evils of gambling. People keep wagering and losing money in the process, being harmed financially.

It also affects the mental and physical health of players. Hence, there are self-exclusion services that are adopted by legal casinos to prevent players from excessive gambling by curbing deposit limits and duration of gaming. 


Overall, legalizing gambling in the USA has both positive and negative aspects and one should keep in mind it is how players themselves deal with the aspects. Lawful gambling can be fun and harmless if players would not engage in compulsive gambling.

The negative aspects come into light only when players misuse the service provided to them or there are frauds involved. Practicing safe gambling habits would be beneficial to the players in the long run and they can make money without having to face the dangers of legal gambling.

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