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IID; the Smart Business Card for Smart People 

A number of startups tried to kill the business card, but these old-fashioned pieces of paper are still there. Around 88 billion paper business cards are printed every year. The waste is so big that 88% of the business cards are thrown away in less than 7 days of exchange.

IID, the vCard sender is something more than a virtual business card. Using InstantID, you can create custom professional and personal cards, i.e. add your contact details, social networks, files from your cloud etc. You can create multiple cards (up to 4) and select in your card the data you want to share. The InstantID can be shared with anyone using Whatsapp, Messenger or Gmail.

iid image 2

The good thing is that the recipient doesn’t need the app at all and he can directly save your IID in his phone book in vCard format, no matter what smartphone he has.

iid image 4
iid image 5

It’s equally useful for professional and personal use as it adapts to all situations!

It’s not just simple and easy to use, but also saves you lot of money on printing and you’ll never run out of business cards when you are at an event!

iid image 3

The benefits do not end here, a lot more is there, i.e. 22 social networks and feature to add any file from Dropbox and Drive (you can now share your press kit by text). However, it’s available for iOS for now. Get connected to them via their website to stay tuned for the updates on Android!

Overall, it’s a must have app for just anyone; do try it!

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IID in Their Own Words:

IID creates global tools around networking, to help companies or freelancers to improve their commercial relationships. Choose what you want to share. Send it by text or email. Add files (resume, pitch, presentation, look book) from Dropbox or drive. No download required to receive and save in vCard.

What Brings IID to the Spotlight:

Networking Relationship Management made easy!

IID Website:

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