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The Impact Of Culture On Local Business Practices

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Running a business is hard work at the best of times. There is a constant need to balance expenditure against returns, ensuring the business makes a profit.

The Impact Of Culture On Local Business Practices

But, balancing the books is actually only a small part of the business, the bigger challenge is in managing the people.

Global Business

The simple fact is that the world is shrinking. Any business can appeal to customers across the globe via the power of the internet and specifically social media. However, just because there is an increased level of access to people doesn’t mean that they are all the same.

This is, after all, why businesses need to understand the demographics of their customers in order to serve them.

It is essential to realize that any customer group of the same age has different expectations and needs depending on where they are in the world and their cultural practices.

The world may be metaphorically shrinking, but this has made it even more important to understand different cultures.

For example, an unfair dismissal employment lawyer will be able to illustrate how getting rid of staff in one country is acceptable but, in another, the same reasons are unacceptable and can lead to serious repercussions for the business.

Don’t forget that just as the internet can allow a business to reach customers everywhere, it also allows individuals to post negative comments. These can quickly destroy the reputation of any business, even the most powerful ones.

Dealing With Culture in Local Business

In the past businesses were located in one place and the people living in that area were likely to have the same cultural approach to life. This made it relatively easy to define the rules and regulations.

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Today, employees are often scattered across the globe through the wonder of remote working. There is also an increase in travel that allows people to move between countries and work in different locations.

In short, there can be many different cultures present in one workplace.

Dealing With Cultural Impacts

The best approach for businesses is to be aware of all the different types of cultures involved in their business and even the cultures that are not currently present.

This allows the business to create a staff handbook that acknowledges these different cultures and creates a fair system to deal with any issues within the business.

All staff will be aware of these regulations when they join the business.

Providing they are given the opportunity then to raise concerns regarding any particular company policy then it is fair to expect all employees to adhere to the established rules as cultural differences have been accounted for.

Of course, this is a fluid concept that should be regularly revisited and revised if necessary.

By adopting this approach a business can employ people from a wide range of cultures, allowing the business to benefit from inside knowledge of different cultures and how this affects the product they offer in different marketplaces.

With the right approach, this can make a fundamental difference to the success of the business!


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