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The Importance of a Work Readiness Program

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I didn’t even know what LinkedIn is until I came to Code Tenderloin, says Marla, a 40-year-old mother of two.

The Importance of a Work Readiness Program

Marla had been unemployed for almost 20 years, focusing on taking care of the kids while her husband worked as a cook. But after being diagnosed with a heart problem, he had to leave his job and Marla had to find one.

I was terrified. All I did in the past two decades was household chores, and I can’t even understand the computer, she adds. Her eyes were glinting with tears as she recalls how scared she was about competing with younger and much-tech savvier applicants.

Thankfully, I got wind of the work-readiness program at Code Tenderloin. It’s free, and I got to meet people who were also struggling because they were left behind. The program gave me the confidence and skills that helped me find a job.

Marla is one of the people who have walked through the doors of Code Tenderloin to improve their self-perception and demystify the modern workplace through a job readiness program.

If you’re also uncertain how to begin your job search, the work readiness program
can help through by:

Helping Identify Your Caliber

Many people are not aware of their real potential. A work readiness program is an opportunity that can help you analyze the situation. Over time, you’ll recognize the industry and role which is most compatible with you. At the same time, you’ll realize what strengths you have and what you still have to do to succeed.

Teach You How to Present Yourself

Some of us are gifted with numerical skills, and others are excellent communicators. Some create stunning artworks, and others excel behind the curtains. It’s only essential that we recognize our capacities and learn how to present them effectively.

In a readiness program, you’ll be taught all the basics of marketing yourself to potential employees. From creating an email account, a resume, and a LinkedIn profile to answering common interview questions with flair. Here are five serious resume mistakes according to Harvard experts.

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Demystifies the Modern Workplace

Businesses all over the world have experienced unprecedented changes due to technological advancements and globalization.

These changes have affected workforce composition, created new competencies, and paved the way for new business models., explains Shane Perry, Max Funding’s senior financial advisor.


The modern workplace can be intimidating for first-time applicants and those who haven’t been in the office for a long time. A work readiness program can help them catch up with the new trends and technologies, such as Zoom meetings.

You’ll also learn workplace etiquette, which has dramatically changed in recent


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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.