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The Importance of Data Erasure for Business: Erase Android Data & More

Experts estimate that people threw out over 57 million tons of electronic waste in 2021. Many people think discarding electronic devices destroys data. But there are much more eco-friendly and effective methods of data erasure.

Are you interested in erasing Android data or small business data for good? Do you know all of the security and efficiency benefits of data erasure?

The following guide will explain why permanently erasing data is important and how it’s done.

Data Erasure for Businesses

Data erasure helps protect both customers and employees. This is because companies collect sensitive information from workers and clients. It’s important to remove old and unused data in case of a breach.

Employee information might include things like social security numbers, phone numbers, and home addresses. Customers often give personal information like credit card numbers and addresses.

iOS and Android Data Erasure

If you own an Android or any other type of phone you know how much personal information it holds. So, you’ll want to completely wipe that data when it’s time to upgrade to a new device.

People often resort to factory resets when they sell or trade their phones. Unfortunately, that method doesn’t erase all of the phone’s data.

Consider using an erasure company or software to properly clear your mobile device. There are also plenty of electronic recycling companies that will safely dispose of your old or broken phone.

Data Erasure and the Environment

Electronic waste has become a very big modern issue as previously mentioned. Data destruction is much better for the environment than throwing away old devices.

When you throw away things like old hard drives and phones they end up in landfills. These electronics carry small amounts of toxic chemicals. When they sit in landfills it can contaminate the soil and nearby water supplies.

Keeping electronic waste out of landfills should be a priority for any eco-friendly company or individual. Data erasure also allows devices to be reused and recycled.

Data Erasure Saves Money

Companies that use data erasure don’t need to buy new hard drives as often. Instead, they can clear old data and utilize the drives they already have. These savings can go towards marketing or other important tasks.

Proper erasure also helps businesses to avoid costly fines in the event of a data breach. Data breaches can also hurt your reputation and scare away current and future clients.

Luckily, third-party companies like Certus data erasure make the process easy and affordable. They can even wipe your data remotely making the process quick and seamless.

Are You Ready to Erase Old Data?

Now you know why it’s important to properly erase business data, Android data, and other forms of data. It keeps sensitive information out of the wrong hands and it’s good for the environment.

Remember this guide and have peace of mind knowing your unused data is gone for good. Check out the rest of our site for more tech and business tips.


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