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Importance of MDM Solutions & Their Impact on Your Business

Before we dive into the benefits of MDM solutions, let’s first look at how MDM works. MDM stands full mobile device management. It is a process that is used for setting up, securing, and remotely controlling mobile devices – particularly those used in the workplace. 

The main MDM functions are actually built into the device’s software, but usage can be enhanced by other MDM software. As this system is built into the phone’s operating system, this means that MDM solutions have access to root level control. It allows those with access to fully control and manage the device remotely.

Why is MDM important for your company?

 MDM has many benefits, some varying with organization type. However, the benefits below impact almost all companies using MDM.

  1. Security – It allows for the remote setup, securing, and wiping of mobile devices. This means that they are more secure no matter where they are, even if staff are taking company devices home. Should a device be lost or stolen, the company can still control it, which means a private data can be removed remotely. It also means that standard setups can be applied to any new devices for the company.
  • Monitoring and Reports – MDM solutions can monitor all actions on all device types, and deliver effective reports to management level staff. This allows management to see the problems and get the statistics that they need, without the effort that is normally involved in manually putting in these figures together.
  • Alerts – Alerts can be set up to trigger when certain actions are made. These can help to prevent dangerous mistakes, sabotage within the company, or when something is happening that shouldn’t be happening. These alerts can help to save money, increase productivity, and prevent unnecessary costs.
  • Productivity of Staff – once devices are being monitored, and staff know that actions are being recorded, it normally motivates them to work harder. This is because a manager can choose to review the actions of staff at any time, and will receive alerts and reports.
  • Accuracy – As recorded actions increases personal responsibility, staff will take more care with their work. Having reports of app usage, internet time, URLs and more, also means that client invoicing can be more focused than staff estimating how much time they spent on a specific job.

In simple terms, using MDM solutions will make your business more efficient, more secure, and more productive. What owner doesn’t want that? And as MDM solutions are both flexible and affordable, they can be implemented no matter how big or small your company is.

However, although things are mostly good, be sure to check the laws for your state. MDM can be used in most areas, but some features may need tweaking or possibly disabling. You may also have a legal responsibility to inform your staff that they will be monitored and exactly what you monitor. If this sounds a bit daunting, don’t threat, a good MDM specialist will be able to provide you with the perfect plan and advise you how to introduce their systems without running into issues.

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