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15 Important Office Supplies You Can’t Be Without

Are you getting ready to open an office? There’s a lot to do when you’re setting up a new office space, and this is especially true if it’s an office where many people will be working. There are certain office supplies and pieces of office equipment that you’ll need. Read on to learn about fifteen office supplies that you can’t be without.

1. Paper

The paper should always be among the first office supplies that you purchase. You’ll need paper to be able to print documents and you’ll also need it for simple writing purposes. There might be several different types of paper that you’ll need to buy. Make sure to get enough of it so that you won’t have to worry about running out for a while.

2. Pens

Pens will be great to keep around the office. People need to be able to write on the paper that they purchased, after all. If you have many pens it’ll make it easier for office workers to jot things down when they need to. Buy pens in bulk so that no one will ever be left wanting a writing utensil in your new office.

3. Paper Shredder

Having a paper shredder is wise for when you need to destroy documents. This piece of office equipment will help you to shred paper that has information that’s sensitive.

You want to destroy the document rather than just throw it in the trash so that details such as phone numbers and addresses won’t get into the wrong hands. Everyone should use paper shredders since it will make recycling paper that much easier.

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4. Printers

Printers will be important when you need to have physical documents. You might need to print papers for someone to sign them or print out information to hand out to certain individuals. Every office needs to have printers and you can get them without breaking the bank. You’ll likely wind up using the printer all the time in your new office.

5. Notepads

Notepads allow people to quickly jot down notes while in meetings. It’s also a convenient way for people to make lists of priority tasks during the day. You might also want to purchase sticky notes that can be used to leave messages in cubicles when someone isn’t around. There are various uses for notepads and sticky notes in offices.

6. Copy Machines

Most modern office environments will have copy machines. You might need to make copies of certain documents to send them to other workers. It’s common to need to make copies of certain things so it’s wise to have a high-quality copy machine that everyone can use. You won’t need too many copy machines if your office is small.

7. Computers/Laptops

Of course, you’re going to need various computers and laptops for your new office. Most office work is done on computers and you might want to provide employees with computers to work on.

Many offices choose to have computers that stay at the office, but some will also provide employees with laptops that they can take home. It’s up to you to decide how you want to approach things.

8. Whiteboard

Have you thought about buying a whiteboard for your office space? You might even want two or three whiteboards depending on how big your office space is. These whiteboards are fantastic when you’re going through brainstorming sessions with your team. It’s a good idea to get some whiteboards as well as some dry-erase markers.

9. Tape

Tape is used for various purposes in office environments. You’ll want to have tape rolls and tape dispensers that people can use as necessary. Even if you don’t use tape every single day in your office, it’ll be best to have it around. This is another inexpensive thing on the list that you can easily procure.

10. Staplers

Staplers are going to come in handy for many reasons. There will surely be times when you’ll need to staple papers together so you can hand out reports in the office. Luckily, getting staplers for everyone to use won’t be hard. This is an inexpensive office supply that you should buy a lot of since staplers will come in handy often.

11. Hole Punch

Having a simple hole punch to use will help so much. When printing documents, you can use the hole punch to put holes exactly where you need them to be. This allows the papers to easily fit into a binder of some sort. You should have several hole punches at your office for the workers to use.

12. Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges will need to be replaced in your printers from time to time. Buying many ink cartridges will help you to have what you need on hand. You don’t ever want to run out of ink in your printer since that would be inconvenient when you really need to print some documents. Remember that you might need different types of cartridges if you have different types of printers that you use in the office.

13. Paper Clips

Paper clips will not cost much at all, but they’ll be useful in your office. You can use paper clips to hold pieces of paper together easily. This is good when you don’t want to staple documents together. You can buy large quantities of paper clips without adding much to your budget so it’s wise to get some.

14. Binders and Folders

Binders and folders will help you to keep things organized, too. You can put documents in folders and hand them out that way. Binders are convenient when you’re compiling reports as well. It’s likely wise to buy many binders and folders for the office so people can use them whenever the need arises.

15. Trash Cans and Recycling Bins

Make sure that you buy trash cans and recycling bins for your office, too. You want to keep things tidy in the office. Have distinct bins for different types of recyclable materials such as plastic, paper, and glass. It doesn’t take much of an investment to get the bins that you need, but it’ll be worthwhile for your office nonetheless.

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