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3 Ways to Improve Your Box Packaging Design

Around 7 in 10 consumers in the United States say that the packaging of a product influences their decision to make a purchase.

The product’s packaging is the first thing that they see, meaning that you need to make a great impression from the start.

If you want to increase sales and improve your brand identity, a great way to do so is by updating your packaging. For example, a perfect way to get started is to invest in printed labels to go onto your packaging.

Continue reading to discover the best tips for creating an excellent box packaging design for your products!

1. Utilize Technology & Software

One of the best tips for updating your box packaging design is to utilize technology.

Technology and software can help you map out the box’s dimensions. Certain software can turn your products into 3D images. This way, you can rotate and check measurements to ensure that the packaging is perfect.

Another way that you can benefit from programs like Illustrator, is that you can use custom fonts and print images to your boxes for a unique look. Graphic designers can work with your team to create a practical and affordable design.

It will be much easier to visualize and plan when you can look at 3D images and mark them up with a pen.

2. Make Custom Options 

A great way to improve your box packaging is by creating custom boxes.

Custom boxes can be done in a variety of ways that will each make you stand out from competitors. Custom boxes can be specific to a product or collection. You can also customize the boxes by including information from the consumer.

You can check out this website to start making an order for your custom boxes. This is a great company that will help you turn your product visions into reality. Making custom boxes will make opening the packages more enjoyable for consumers and they will be able to remember your company.

3. Get Cutter Guides 

The box design and inner packaging must fit together perfectly, otherwise, the packaging is useless.

The best way to ensure that you can create even the most intricate box designs is by using cutter guides. Cutter guides provide the specs for the packaging. This cutter also marks where the folds and trim should be. You don’t have to worry about searching for the glue or seal areas either since they will be marked!

Another advantage of using cutter guides is that they mark where the barcodes will go, making it easier to plan the content.

Improve Your Box Packaging Design

The look of a product is crucial when making sales, as it is the first impression that people get.

If you want to increase your sales and marketing, focusing on the box packaging design can help. Making custom boxes are more appealing and will create an experience.

Don’t be afraid to use different software and technology to enhance the packaging process. The more control that you have, the more options you have with designing it.

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