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5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Culture

Customer loyalty all starts with their experience with your brand. To ensure your clients get the best experience, you need the right customer service. But improving customer service can be overwhelming when you can’t be a part of every interaction.

What it comes down to is improving the culture. The company’s culture empowers your employees to care for customers the way they should be treated. If you’re looking to improve your company’s customer service culture, here are the five places you should start.

1. Consider Your Current Culture

To move forward, it’s best to know where you are. With customer service coaching, you can run quality assurance tactics and give your employees tools to improve.

Through coaching, you may find that you were much closer to your goals than you realized. With the proper coaching, you may get your employees where they need to be. However, if you discover the company is very far from a positive customer service culture, it may be time to take a more invasive approach.

2. Treat Your Employees Well

Employees who feel mistreated will not be motivated to treat clients well. But when employees are happier, they will want to work hard at their jobs and support the company. Promoting employee loyalty shouldn’t be viewed separately from brand loyalty with customers. These two go hand in hand.

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Treating your employees like customers can have benefits across the board. And once your employees are happier, you’ll see big differences in how your company runs.

3. Allow Others to Learn from Mistakes

If an employee is constantly looking over their shoulder, concerned that a mistake could ruin their standing and jeopardize their job, they will not act authentically. However, the best way to improve your customer service culture is for employees to feel comfortable making decisions, and when there is a mistake, everyone learns from it.

But if the culture only promotes perfection, employees will not admit to mistakes, attempt to hide them and act timidly to avoid the same mistake rather than understand how to avoid it effectively. And a timid customer service representative is the last thing you want.

4. Give Positive Feedback

It isn’t just about how to address mistakes with employees. It’s also about monitoring performance and giving positive praise as well. Providing the right positive feedback will boost employee confidence, help identify what is being done correctly, and boost morale.

Of course, you need to notice what’s going well to give positive feedback. Make sure you always have an eye out for not only what can be done better but what’s going on that you like.

5. Set Clear Standards

You, as a leader, aren’t the only one who needs to have company goals in mind. You need to have clear values, a mission and share those with employees. It may seem obvious to have a shared goal, but just writing it down, making it official, and calling back to your values can make a big difference.

This isn’t just an extra task you need to complete. This should inform you of every decision and the decisions of your employees. Sharing these values and missions with your customers will also help them understand what you’re striving to achieve.

How Customer Service Culture Impacts Your Business

Improving customer service culture isn’t just about making customers happier. It’s about giving employees the resources and motivation to make every interaction positive and meaningful.

While this helps customers, it also gives yourself and your employees clear, shared goals. And when employees are happier and helping customers, you’ll quickly see your company perform like never before.


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