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Improve Your Business & Take it to the Next Level with Survis

Hiring professionals for your startup for the first time is a huge step; as a startup you need to move really faster. So, you must hire someone as soon as you feel the need of an extra hand. At times, even you may be on a tighter budget, but you must know the fact that the contribution of another person can give your startup the real boost that it needs.

By having a professional freelancer or a part time employee, your business brainpower doubles, and with the new creative ideas and sheer legwork, you can get your startup on a fast track growth track. However, the success depends largely on who you hire; having a wrong person onboard will not just increase your startup cost, but may also push your business out of the growth track.

So, the key to grow your startup faster is to hire professionals smartly. Survis is a platform that helps startups and small business owners to hire professionals smartly. Whether you are looking for web development, mobile development, design improvements, content experts or sales & marketing professionals, Survis’s free database allows you to find professionals locally as well as globally.

These professionals are ranked on a Survis Score which is determined on the basis of various factors. The highest Survis Score means the best professional and when business owners look for a pro to hire, they find the best professional on top, which makes it easy and fast for them to find the right talent without spending much time on research. The platform also offers business owners a free database of guides and tutorials using which they can improve their business and take it to the next level.

Survis is though very useful for all type of small business owners, but it’s more valuable for those who do not have much experience with the web services industry, i.e. the non-tech small business owners. The non techies can find the competent and trustworthy web services providers instantly without much hassle and wait.

Survis in Their Own Words:

If you need to improve a part of your web business, it’s terribly difficult for those who don’t have experience in the business to navigate and sort the good from the bad. Survis provides all reviews of a professional (good and bad) and also sorts these professionals in an algorithm called the Survis Score to make it easier than ever for small business owners to pick their next local web talent. Survis also provides small business owners with a free database of guides and tutorials to improve their business.


What Brings Survis to the spotlight:

It makes things easier and smoother for common, non-tech small business owners.


Survis Website:

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