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5 Simple Ways to Increase Construction Productivity

When it comes to construction projects, every single day counts. Even a small-scale construction site project can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars per day to operate.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Construction Productivity

Every delay or inefficiency can easily balloon the costs of your project and undermine your success.

For your budget, your investors, and your customers, completing the job in a timely manner is absolutely essential. That means that effective construction productivity should be your top priority.

Whether you’re a first-time manager or a seasoned construction veteran, here are some timeless construction efficiency tips that will help you get the job done quicker.

1. Communication Productivity Communication

One of the most important construction project management software company tips we can offer concerns communication. Poor communication on building sites is probably the number one cause of lost productivity.

You need a centralized system of communication with clear instructions for every member of the team. Most importantly, it should be crystal clear from the outset where each worker can go if they need to speak to a superior.

2. Invest in Smarter Tools 

Having the right construction equipment is key. Even small upgrades to your routine and everyday tools can have a massive impact in the aggregate.

This does not mean you have to invest huge amounts of cash into cutting-edge technology. Rather, cheap and simple solutions such as a Hydra Flex can dramatically boost productivity in certain areas without breaking the bank.

Instead of looking for new technologies to use on your site, look for cheaper and simpler ways that you can upgrade your existing tool chest. You can invest in a portable time clock for construction.

3. Talent is Everything 

They say your employees are your greater asset, and this could not be more true than when discussing construction business tips. The right people on your site will take the initiative and do everything they can to fine-tune the construction process.

Do not skimp on talented employees. Pay more to invest in the right people, and the productivity gains will more than make up for it.

4. Trust the Data 

Construction is, by every definition, a technology-led industry. Do not be left behind when it comes to the data revolution in construction that is happening right now.

You should be using industry-standard applications and software to plan every element of your project. Make sure to invest in the same construction AI platforms that are boosting productivity on some of the world’s largest construction sites.

Make use of a construction project management software that allows you to keep track of data from everyone involved in the project. That way, you can monitor costs and workflow through each phase of the project. Using tools like these allows you to optimize the project, detect and resolve problems quickly, and use your information effectively.  The best management software will integrate into your existing toolsets and should be easy to understand and use.

5. Be a Better Manager 

Finally, do not forget the importance of good construction management. As a manager, it is your job to set goals for your team and guide them through every step of the project. In addition, you can benefit from many practical automated management tools such as time tracking apps or construction timesheet software. They will help you plan workload distribution and workflows by recording accurate working hours, travel time, and mileage. Construction management tools make it easier for project managers to run more profitable projects and improve cost estimations.

It is your job to be the effective communicator that everyone needs. It is your job to manage cumbersome processes such as paperwork and permits that threaten to slow down or derail your project. No construction site can be productive without good management, so focus on this as a priority.

Be Inspired By the Best in the Business

Now that you know the essential rules of construction productivity, it is time to be inspired by some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

In our Startup Spotlight section, you can find insights from some of the best construction industry startups in the world right now.


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