Increase Revenues with Diversity & Inclusion (D/I)

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Diversity & Inclusion (D/I) is a method of managing workplace diversity in most productive way. By recognizing the diverse skills of individuals in an organization, we develop the plans for these diverse individuals with which they can best work together while optimizing each individual’s skill and increasing their efficiency.

As a result, we see increased motivation of employees, optimization of employees’ skills and talents and reduced staff turnover rate which altogether contributes to increased organizational productivity.

Diversity/Inclusion (D/I), are pivotal to the global success of every organization; however, it’s amazing so many CEOs and Business Owners just don’t know that much about D/I. Diversity is the link that unites us all.  That’s the reason I founded Simple Innovations Business Coaching (SIBC).

First, D/I, unlike Equal Employment Opportunity, is not mandated by law.  Only the Federal government has formal guidelines for D/I through President Obama’s Executive Order 13583.



And of course EEO is mandated by Title VII of the U.S. Constitution.  Since diversity and inclusion is the essence of the law, organizations need someone who can explain and show them how to fully use D/I.

Diversity and Inclusion do include dimensions of EEO but, it also covers many more dimensions of employees.  Intellectual discipline, thinking style, adaptability, creative abilities, and interpersonal style are just a few attributes employees possess and help organizations’ be phenomenally successful.

In my new book, I give CEOs, Business Owners, executives, and others the reality of diversity and inclusion.

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Most importantly, CEOs and Business Owners must know that D/I is not the thing; it’s the thing that gets them to the thing which is revenue. So, if you’re reading this we should be talking!  Dial 757.748.2590.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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