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IncuBus London to Get You Fit for the World’s Best Accelerators & Investors

Larry Page, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson have one thing in common, i.e. they all received guidance from mentors! Every entrepreneur knows the importance of getting mentored by the best in business. However, finding wise business mentors is not that easy. Most of the times, entrepreneurs are willing to accept advice, but they really don’t know from whom and where to get it.

So, if you’re the one looking to learn from those who have already done it, do signup at IncuBus London. With +100 mentors available there, it’s your chance to get help and guidance along with connections. The mentors onboard include startup founders, industry experts and investors.

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It’s a 12 week programme at IncuBus London that helps young startups to find product/market fit, build traction and get ready to pitch to accelerators and investors. The program consists of weekly mentor and skills workshop sessions, office hours and KPI catchups and ends with a demo week where startups pitch to accelerators and investors.

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The IncuBus London programme prepares startups using 6 key assessment standards, mastering which they can get into the world’s best accelerators and raise investment.

If you’re looking to get traction and help on raising investment, must join IncuBus London. They also offer once a month, office hours to the first 20 people in the queue free of charge.

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IncuBus London in Their Own Words:

IncuBus London develop early stage incubators helping startups get ready for the world’s best accelerators and funding. Having originally started on a renovated London bus, we quickly expanded to ‘proper’ offices. As of January 2016, IncuBus run two programmes from ‘proper offices’. The bus showcases startups at events and tours around the country and at Europe and is regularly hired out for events.

Currently there are two IncuBus programmes, IncuBus Future of Work with PwC hosted in London Bridge and IncuBus Retail with Camden Market hosted at Camden Interchange.

What Brings IncuBus London to the Spotlight:

Startups struggle to raise further investment or get onto accelerators due to lack of traction, IncuBus makes it easier for them!

IncuBus London Website:

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