Inspire Your Kids to be Entrepreneurs with

“I have a dog of my own and I love dogs and taking care of animals. That’s why I wanted to start a business like that,” says Romy Commander, 12 years old from North Jacksonville. She’s enthusiast about the business idea but doesn’t know how to run a company. This is why she is on a newly formed website,


KidEntrepreneur itself is a superb idea! It creates kid sized franchises to teach and inspire a new them to become entrepreneurs. Their kits include everything that children need to start their own business, i.e start learning proper financial management, business management skills and so on.


The website is created by venture capitalists based in Jacksonville, and it aims to help kids understand business; and so it provides simple and clear guides on starting and running particular business. At this stage the website is not stressing kids on making money but focusing on inspiring them to be entrepreneurs.


This is definitely a very good step for the young generation to be more practical and resourceful in doing business and creating a better world!


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